Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday's Update

The show didn't start off too good today. Artie Lange didn't show up for work and Howard said he didn't have a good feeling about it because of everything that's been going on with him this week. Is this the beginning of the end for Artie on the show? I sure hope not.

Here are some of the things you can read about on today...

  • Uh Oh! No Artie Today. 07/29/05
  • Howard's Review Of ''Hussle And Flow'' And Porn. 07/29/05
  • TV Show Audio Clips. 07/29/05
  • Cabbie's Final Hours Of Freedom. 07/29/05
  • Howard's E-Mail. 07/29/05
  • Mary Carey And Kendra Jade Visit. 07/29/05
  • Artie's Meltdown Replayed. 07/29/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 07/29/05

The site is up and running this morning as of 10:25am

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday's Update

The great comedian Reverend Bob Levy was sitting in for Artie on today's show. Artie was out shooting his movie 'Beer League' so Howard asked Bob to sit in for the whole show. Here are some of the things you can read about on today...

  • Artie Out, Rev. Bob Levy Sits In. 07/28/05
  • Artie's Meltdown Discussed. 07/28/05
  • Howard's Mail Bag. 07/28/05
  • Eric The Midget Calls In. 07/28/05
  • Alien Expert Riley Martin Calls In. 07/28/05
  • Daniel Carver Calls SIRIUS Gay Channel. 07/28/05
  • Hottest Chick - Biggest Fan Winner Lori Calls In. 07/28/05
  • More Artie Discussions. 07/28/05
  • Gary's Expensive Vegas Trip. 07/28/05
  • 'Working Girl' Becca Brat Comes In. 07/28/05
  • Stump The Perv With Richard And Becca. 07/28/05
  • A Few Minutes With Ralph Cirella. 07/28/05
  • Richard Says He's Not Gay. 07/28/05
  • She'll Do Anything... 07/28/05
  • Cabbie's 24 Hours Of Freedom. 07/28/05 is up and running as of 10:40am. Today's update should be up by 11:00am.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday's Update

Happy birthday to me. I turn 37 friggin years old today. Woo friggin hoo. is up and running this morning as of 10:20am. Here are some of the things you can read about on today...

  • Various Stuff. 07/27/05
  • Howard's Phone Problems. 07/27/05
  • Richard Simmons Audio Clips And Bits. 07/27/05
  • P. Diddy Discussions And Audio Clips. 07/27/05
  • Artie's Love Scene And More. 07/27/05
  • Artie Gets Pissed. 07/27/05
  • Hottest Chick - Biggest Fan Contest. 07/27/05
  • Bob Saget Visits. 07/27/05
This was a great show today. Artie lost his mind and basically said he's not sure if he'll be sticking around for the whole run on SIRIUS next year. He made it sound like he still doesn't have a contract over there yet and he doesn't want a long-term commitment with them. Bad for Artie fans, good for those who dislike him.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Like A Friggin Sheep

I've been asked quite a bit lately about whether or not I'll continue to summarize The Howard Stern Show when he moves over to SIRIUS satellite radio in January. My answer is "yes." Yes, as long as I can afford to do what I've been doing for the past 9 and a half years. I just need people to continue to support the site as much as they have been and I'll keep doing it. I still love the show and I enjoy what I do so I'll be following Howard like a friggin sheep.

Tuesday's Update

The site has been stable this week ever since it was moved to the new server. Here are some of the things we heard on today's Howard Stern Show:
  • Drugs, Hand Jobs And Getting Old. 07/26/05
  • Howard Talks About The Death Of Joe O'Brien. 07/26/05
  • Some Coke Stories From Artie. 07/26/05
  • The Perfect Wife? 07/26/05
  • Gambling Nate. 07/26/05
  • Larry King Tape And More. 07/26/05
  • KC Armstrong Goes Off On Tom Again. 07/26/05
  • Mmm Chocolate... 07/26/05
  • Carnie Wilson Calls In. 07/26/05
  • Comedian Nick Di Paolo Visits. 07/26/05

It was great to hear KC back on the show once again... even if he does sound kind of crazy while he's yelling at Tom Chiusano. Nick Di Paolo was great on the show as well. is up and running as of 10:00AM

Monday, July 25, 2005

My Apologies

I got a complaint or two about the zit references in some earlier posts. It was my lame attempt at being amusing... but it was true. Anyway, I'll stay away from posting B.S. like that from now on. I'll stick to comments about my web site, Howard Stern or anything relating to the show.

No More Zit

The zit is gone. There's no longer a big, red strawberry on the side of my nose to distract me from typing so I was able to write up the Howard Stern Show today with no distractions. Here are some of the things we heard on today's show...

  • Creative New York Radio Ratings Report. 07/25/05
  • TV Programming Confusion. 07/25/05
  • Weekend Discussions. 07/25/05
  • Howard's Weekend And More. 07/25/05
  • Gilbert Gottfried Finally Spends Money? 07/25/05
  • More Disturbing Sal And Richard Stories. 07/25/05
  • Various Phone Calls. 07/25/05
  • Internet Screaming Match Audio Tape. 07/25/05
  • Pedophile Letter. 07/25/05
  • Audio Clips And Cart Problems. 07/25/05
  • Boring Bernard Goldberg. 07/25/05
  • Postpartum Smostpartum. 07/25/05

Check out the full update at - Site status at time of post: UP

MarksFriggin New Server

Over the past month or so my web site,, has been experiencing quite a few crashes. The company that hosts my site has finally moved my site to a new server that should make it much more stable than it's been. If the site is down, check here for an update. If I don't have anything posted here, shoot me an e-mail ( and let me know so I can try to get it back up and running. If the site is down for an extended amount of time on a certain day, I'll post my write up here until my site is back up and running.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Another Day Another Zit

I've got a zit the size of Mount Rushmore on the side of my friggin nose today. It's tough to type because it's actually in my field of vision as I'm looking at my computer screen!

Not only that but my friggin laptop computer runs awfully hot during the summer months, even with the air conditioning on in the house. It burns my friggin leg it's so damn hot.

Anyway, here's a list of what went on during today's Stern show...

  • Crazy Cabbie's Ratings. 07/22/05
  • Howard Misses E! Goodbye Party. 07/22/05
  • Hot New Interns. 07/22/05
  • Baby Gorilla's Drinking. 07/22/05
  • Ronnie's Too-Tight Shirts. 07/22/05
  • Phone Calls, Audio Clips And More. 07/22/05
  • Siobahn The Transsexual Comes In. 07/22/05
  • Siobahn Pleasures Herself On Air. 07/22/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 07/22/05

I guess this is the first official day of this blog thing and I'm sure there's no one reading it yet. We'll see how this goes...
What the hell am I doing? I spend all morning typing up a web site about Howard Stern and now I'm writing a blog? I must be out of my friggin mind.