Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday's Best Of Stern.

There were some pretty funny Best of Stern bits today including a great one from about 1992 where Gilbert Gottfried and Howard goofed on Jerry Seinfeld for a few minutes.

Here's the other friggin stuff you can read about on today...

  • The Best Of Stern. 08/31/05
  • Gary performing ''Goodbye Yellow Brick Teeth.''
  • Howard lectures Jackie and interns about bothering guests.
  • Stump The Booey With Gary And Carl.
  • Gilbert Gottfried and Howard goof on Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne Come In.
  • Bridget The Stripper Calls In.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday's Best of Stern.

I don't get in much typing when Howard's show is in rerun. I feel empty inside when I wake up and just cut and past old segments from the show. Maybe I should try typing up the Best of Stern as if it were a new show...

Here's what you can read about on today:

  • Kidd Chris Prank Call to George Takei.
  • The Evaluators Evaluate Two Women For Playboy.
  • Bangable 70 Year Olds.
  • Fred Durst Comes In.
  • Howard And Gilbert Goof On Abe Hershfeld.
  • Actress Leah Remini Comes In.
  • Gary Garver interviews OJ Simpson on a golf course.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday's Best of Stern.

Yes, I was wrong last week when I assumed that the guys were taking another 3 day weekend. They were actually starting their Labor Day vacation so they're off all this week and will return on Tuesday, September 6th. Lots of reruns ahead...

You can read about all of the old reruns on Don't forget, there are also links to breaking news stories about Howard on my news page as well. Keep that in mind because if Infinity Broadcasting gets an FCC Notice of Apparent Liability anytime soon, they may have to suspend Howard.

Here's a list of today's Best of Stern bits:

  • The Best Of Stern. 08/29/05
  • Sal and Richard's ''Jack and Rod Show: Celebrity Mystery Monday'' prank phone call.
  • Pitcher Barry Zito Comes In.
  • Ed McMahon Calls In.
  • Underdog Lady Call.
  • Jay Leno's Anual Birthday Call To Howard.
  • Bon Jovi Bukakke Party Canceled.
  • Shuli Calls In With A Game.
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Friday, August 26, 2005

Best Of Stern Mistake.

Ooops! Turns out it's not just a 3 day weekend, Howard and the crew are on vacation all next week for the Labor Day holiday. They return the week after on September 6th.

Friday's Best Of Stern

Howard and the guys were off again for a 3 day weekend so we had a bunch of Best of Stern stuff to listen to. Gary dug deep and pulled out a really old segment where Howard talked to Meg Griffin about why she doesn't like to follow his show. That show must have been from sometime before 1995 or so, it wasn't in my archives.

Here's the lists of other Best of Stern bits they played on today's show...

  • Baba Booey song parody medley.
  • Jon Bon Jovi And Richie Sambora Come In.
  • Carmen Electra Calls In.
  • Howard talks to DJ Meg Griffin about why she doesn't like his show.
  • Howard talks to a woman who was scammed out of $10,000.
  • Does Debbie Schlussel Need A Makeover?
  • Divorce Discussion.
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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday's Show - Where's Diddy?

Diddy (Formerly P. Diddy) was supposed to call in on today's Stern show but that never happened. Howard didn't say what the reason was for not getting the call but he had promoted it early in the show. Not that it was a great loss or anything. Beetlejuice came in later in the show and livened things up a bit. His manager has been banned from the show for a while so he called in and apologized to Tom Chiusano about the incident that got him banned. You can read more about that on today.

Here are some other things you can read about on the friggin site...
  • Marriage And Divorce Discussions. 08/25/05
  • Big Foot Matt Tribute Song. 08/25/05
  • Evil Dave Calls A gay Bath House. 08/25/05
  • Ritalin Discussions. 08/25/05
  • Howard's Shag Rug Controversy. 08/25/05
  • Howard's Web Site Picks, E-Mail And More. 08/25/05
  • Richard Christy Drums With Dream Theater. 08/25/05
  • Bong Hit Eric Plays The Crackhead Bob Game. 08/25/05
  • Pat Robertson Discussions. 08/25/05
  • Ronnie's IMDB Bio. 08/25/05
  • Beetlejuice Visits. 08/25/05
  • No Diddy Today. 08/25/05
  • Threesome Advice. 08/25/05
  • Baba Booey Goes To Boston. 08/25/05
  • Sexual Chemistry. 08/25/05

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New SIRIUS Portable Tuner/MP3 Player

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has announced a new portable tuner that should be available late next month. It's called the S50. You can read about it at or at It ain't cheap!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday's Show - Dump Filled

The show was running pretty smooth until 'Evil Dave' Letterman came in this morning. Evil Dave's jokes are always funny and a little dirty but today we hardly heard any of them because the delay, or dump, button was hit so many friggin times. Infinity is so paranoid about getting another fine that they chop out just about everything they think might get a complaint.

Anyway, here's what you can read about on today...
  • Tom Sizemore Sex Tape Audio Clips. 08/24/05
  • No Wack Pack Leader Until SIRIUS. 08/24/05
  • When Will Howard Move To Satellite? 08/24/05
  • Stolen Bits And Howard's Mail. 08/24/05
  • A Tribute To Abe Hirshfield. 08/24/05
  • The Baba Booey Rock Opera. 08/24/05
  • Elle's Family Problems. 08/24/05
  • Howard's Pending FCC Notice Discussed. 08/24/05
  • Evil Dave Letterman Visits. 08/24/05
  • The Crackhead Bob Game. 08/24/05
  • Adult Film Actresses Lyndsey And Lacey Love Visit. 08/24/05
  • Evil Dave's Dumps And More. 08/24/05
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another FCC Fine=No More Howard Stern

This douche bag lawyer Jack Thompson has been targeting Howard Stern some time now. He's been filing complaints about the Howard Stern Show for years down in Florida. These days he's targeting video games. To me he comes across as a publicity whore plain and simple. He found a couple of things that he can target to get him some major publicity.

Anyway, we may be losing The Howard Stern Show a little early this year thanks to dickweed Jack. He filed an indecency complaint with the FCC earlier this year and now the FCC is investigating. It doesn't seem like a big deal because Howard has been fined in the past, a few times, actually. The problem is that the last time Infinity Broadcasting paid their fines, in a round about way, they signed a consent decree that says if any of their employees are investigated and a Notice of Apparent Liability is filed against them, they have to suspend that employee and possibly fire them. According to an article on, that's a very likely to happen.

Will Howard get fired and be able to move immediately to SIRIUS? Who knows. Luckily, Howard is nearing the end of his contract with Infinity and he was already on his way to SIRIUS. If we do lose him for the remainder of his contract, we won't hear him until January 9th, 2006. I'm assuming that if Infinity has to fire Howard, he'll be able to jump over to SIRIUS as soon as they can get his new channel on the air. Howard's channels (100, 101 and 102) were due to go live on SIRIUS this September anyway, so they'll be ready to put him on the air by then, hopefully.

Unfortunately, douche bags like Jack Thompson will continue to try and take away stuff like mature rated video games, radio shows, TV shows... and eventually magazines I'm sure. They will slowly chip away at things that make this country so great.

Tuesday's Show - Pam Anderson

A couple of highlights from teh show today were Eric the Midget and Pam Anderson calling in. Eric thanked Gary for getting him back stage at an American Idol concert where he got to meet a bunch of the idols. Pamela Anderson called in to promote her new book and her TV show. Richard Christy was up to some more weird stuff so Howard played audio clips of his stuff. Papa Roach also visited and performed an acoustic version of their hit song 'Scars.'

Here's the rest of what you can read about on today...

  • Howard's Parents Discussed. 08/23/05
  • Various E-mail. 08/23/05
  • Satellite Ratings And Jack Goffs. 08/23/05
  • Henry Hill's Troubles Continue. 08/23/05
  • Howard's Replacements And SIRIUS Discussions. 08/23/05
  • A Dose Of Beetlejuice. 08/23/05
  • Eric The Midget Meets His Idols. 08/23/05
  • Phone Calls, News Stories And More. 08/23/05
  • Pamela Anderson Calls In. 08/23/05
  • Richard Christy's Drunken, Gay Behavior. 08/23/05
  • Papa Roach Performs ''Scars'' Live In The Studio. 08/23/05
  • Double A Checks In. 08/23/05
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday's Show - Ben Stern Visits

Howard's father Ben visited the show today to play a game for a contestant who wanted to win five grand. It's amazing how little 82 year old Ben knows about his own son...

Here's what you can read about on today...
  • Howard Meets Meryl Streep. 08/22/05
  • Ross' Wedding Discussed. 08/22/05
  • Various Stuff. 08/22/05
  • High Pitch Eric Causing Problems. 08/22/05
  • More On Ross' Wedding. 08/22/05
  • Mindfreak Criss Angel's Stripper Trick. 08/22/05
  • Will Rhonda Win Ben Stern's Money? 08/22/05
  • Richard Talks About 08/22/05
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Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Reruns

The Stern crew were on vacation again today. We got to hear lots of reruns. They even threw in the Willie Nelson interview from earlier this week. Here are some of the other things you can read about over at today...

  • James Brown TV interview audio clip.
  • Mr. Rogers ''Things We Can Do With Our Hands'' bit.
  • Jackass Steve O Comes In.
  • Howard plays tape of Stuttering John interviewing Cindy Crawford.
  • Howard interviews Tiny Tim about sex, masturbation and more.
  • Howard's Strange Visit To Fred's Apartment.
  • Willie Nelson Interview Replay.
  • Underdog Lady Calls Howard.
  • Judith Brandt Talks The Rules Of Cheating.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday's Show - Sal Cries?

Today was Sal the Stockbroker day. Howard and Richard yanked him around and then some interns were going off on him to the point that he may have shed a tear. Mr. T also came in and talked about his days working on the movie Rocky III. Hopefully I updated the files on time today unlike yesterday...

Here's some other stuff you can read about today on

  • Jeff The Drunk And Willie Nelson Feedback. 08/18/05
  • Howard's Cable Show And FCC Discussions. 08/18/05
  • Howard Reviews ''March Of The Penguins.'' 08/18/05
  • Ralph Living The High Life And Jack Daniels Calls Artie. 08/18/05
  • Goofing On Sal The Stockbroker. 08/18/05
  • Sal Gets ''Emotional'' After The Interns Confront Him. 08/18/05
  • Ryan And His ''Perfect Wife'' Lynn. 08/18/05
  • OJ Simpson Interview Tape. 08/18/05
  • Mr. T Visits. 08/18/05
  • Beetlejuice Song News. 08/18/05
  • Commercials From Far Away Places. 08/18/05
  • J.D. To Get Laid... Eventually. 08/18/05

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday Delay

I apologize to everyone who logged on and didn't get today's updates. I had some computer problems around the time I was finishing up the updates and I thought that I had uploaded them. I obviously didn't do that and I didn't double check the uploads as I've been trying to do for the past few months. Therefore, I'm an idiot, a friggin idiot.
The files are now uploaded and updated. Hit reload or refresh on your browser if they don't come up in your browser.

Wednesday's Show - Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson visited the Howard Stern Show today. Jeff the Drunk came in to meet Willie and sang a duet with him. That was pretty entertaining. Howard also went off on a couple of people during the show after he found out they weren't baking his old audio tapes. You can read more about all of that on my web site.

You can read about all of this on today...

  • FCC Fines And Show Censoring. 08/17/05
  • Ross' Wedding Discussions. 08/17/05
  • Sal's Latest Prank Call. 08/17/05
  • Howard's First SIRIUS Show - A Roast. 08/17/05
  • Gary's Son Unknowingly Goofs On Him. 08/17/05
  • Various News Stories. 08/17/05
  • Baking Howard's Tapes. 08/17/05
  • Willie Nelson Visits. 08/17/05
  • ''Red Eye'' Contest Controversy. 08/17/05
  • Russian Broadcaster Oksana Kehoe Visits. 08/17/05 was up and running as it should be at 10:55am today.

Love 'em Or Hate 'em

I recently bought a domain name from a company that advertised on Howard Stern's show at one point. After my purchase I got a call from a sales rep who wanted to make sure everything worked out okay. The rep, who was a woman, asked me how I found out about their company. I told her ''The Howard Stern Show'' and I heard dead silence for a few seconds. Then it seemed as if her attitude had just done a 180 and all off a sudden she was speaking lower and in a monotone as if I had just insulted her. Just the mention of Howard's name had changed her attitude. She didn't say anything about him, it was just the tone of her voice that made me think that it was Howard's name that had infuriated her. I've seen people react like that in person before too. It's really amazing how his name can do that to a person.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday's Show

Some weird stuff on today's show. Blue Iris the old lady porn chick called in and rambled on and on for a little while. A guy by the name of Reggie called in and talked about how he likes to defecate in public places. Weird stuff... Jose Canseco's ex-wife Jessica visited the show and told some stories about Jose and some of the stuff they did when they were married.

Here's what you can read about at today:

  • Howard And Gary Visit The SIRIUS Studios. 08/16/05
  • Pam Anderson Roast Discussions. 08/16/05
  • Cabbie Prison Update. 08/16/05
  • Beetlejuice Songs. 08/16/05
  • Jessica Canseco's Playboy Layout. 08/16/05
  • Jeff The Drunk Visit: DENIED! 08/16/05
  • Blue Iris Calls In. 08/16/05
  • Reggie Craps In Public. 08/16/05
  • Theme Restaurant Discussions. 08/16/05
  • Crazy Susan Calls In. 08/16/05
  • Jessica Canseco Visits. 08/16/05
  • Jeff The Drunk Visit: ACCEPTED. 08/16/05
  • Howard's First Lay, Robin, Visits. 08/16/05
  • A Couple Minutes With Debbie Schlussel. 08/16/05
  • Artie Still Not Drinking. 08/16/05 was up and running as of 10:40am today.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Howard Visits SIRIUS Studios

I was listening to my SIRIUS radio today, since I no longer listen to terrestrial radio after Howard's show is over (Sorry K-Rock, it's over). I just happened to be listening to the Jim Breuer Unleashed show on Raw Dog 147 when they saw Gary and Howard walking the hall there at the SIRIUS studios. Breuer and his crew tried to get them to come in the studio but Howard wouldn't come in. The guys figured that Howard may not be allowed on the air over there yet because of contract issues. At one point you could hear Gary saying something to Jim and his guys and it sounded like something about not wanting them to mention that he was even there. Breuer then said that there was someone who looked like Howard there at the studios and moved on with his show. A short time later there was a caller who said that he didn't get his SIRIUS radio for ''that impersonator'' who was walking down the hall... Breuer and his crew said that's odd because that's exactly why they went to SIRIUS.

F-Sync Magazine!

I just heard Howard Stern reading a live commercial for Sync magazine around 11:20 this morning. I usually try to support all of the advertisers who support Howard's show but this one I have a problem with. These guys really screwed me over earlier this year and it still pisses me off to this day. Read the story on my web site and decide for yourself if you want to support these scumbags...

Monday's Show - Intern Beauty Pageant

Howard Stern mentioned this morning that his channel over at SIRIUS satellite radio goes live in September. He said he won't be going over there until January but that doesn't mean that "others" can't go over there and do shows. I don't know who he meant by "others" but I'm assuming he means some of the Wack Pack members like Riley Martin, King of all Blacks and others.

Howard held this semester's Intern Beauty Pageant where they have a few of the hot interns competing for prizes. There were a bunch of other things going on today as well so here's a list of what you can read about on

  • Monday Morning Blues. 08/15/05
  • TV And Movie Reviews And Discussions. 08/15/05
  • Howard Worried About The Ozone... But Still Driving Gas Guzzlers. 08/15/05
  • Gary's Weekend In Dallas. 08/15/05
  • The Howard Stern Roast? 08/15/05
  • Weight Gain And Weddings. 08/15/05
  • Denise Foley From Prevention Magazine Calls In. 08/15/05
  • Beetlejuice Song Stuck In Howard's Head. 08/15/05
  • Howard's SIRIUS Channel Goes Live In September. 08/15/05
  • SFN Attacks C-Span. 08/15/05
  • Dennis Rodman Calls In. 08/15/05
  • The 2005 Summer Intern Beauty Pageant Part 1. 08/15/05
  • The 2005 Summer Intern Beauty Pageant Part 2. 08/15/05
  • FCC Indecency Critic Discussed. 08/15/05
  • Various Phone Calls And Other Stuff. 08/15/05 was up and running as of 10:55am

Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday - The Best of Stern

Howard and the guys were off for another 3 day weekend as they will be doing for every weekend in August. My favorite thing about them taking Fridays off is that there's no Gossip Game to deal with.

If you haven't checked out Stankervision on MTV2, Friday nights at 9, try it out tonight. It's Yucko the Clown and the guys from The Damn Show doing their comedy bits on TV. I've laughed my ass off at a bunch of their comedy bits and always laugh at Yucko's man-on-the-street interviews.

If anyone is interested, here's what they played on The Best of Stern today...

  • ''H&R Black'' commercial parody.
  • Howard Goofs on James Van Praagh.
  • ''The 80's Game'' With Adam Duritz.
  • Howard plays tape of himself bad mouthing Jerry Seinfeld for Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Howard gives Scott the Engineer a Lung Test for Christmas.
  • The Gossip Game With Guest Dina Meyer.
  • Bobby Badfingers Comes In. was up and running as of 9:40am

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday's Show - Charlie Murphy and Rob Schneider

I had one report from a visitor who said my site was down sometime yesterday afternoon. It must not have been down too long because it was up each time I checked.

Charlie Murphy and Rob Schneider were the two big guests on today's Stern Show. High Pitch Eric also called in and got his ass reamed over some of the bizarre things he does by using Howard's name all over the place to get free stuff. Comedian Shuli told some great stories about the strange things he's seen Eric do. I thought that stuff was actually the best part of the show. Rob Schneider was a great guest too.

Here's what you can read about on today...

  • No TV Show Yet Thanks To Infinity. 08/11/05
  • Clear Channel Profits Down, Howard Happy. 08/11/05
  • Bob Levy Roasts Pam Anderson. 08/11/05
  • The Saga Of High Pitch Continues. 08/11/05
  • More Beetlejuice Song. 08/11/05
  • ''From A Lard Ass To A Hard Ass'' Contest Ends. 08/11/05
  • Big Foot Matt's Death Confirmed. 08/11/05
  • Comedian Charlie Murphy Visits. 08/11/05
  • Deuce Bigalow's Rob Schneider Visits. 08/11/05
  • Upcoming Guests. 08/11/05
  • Artie Stories. 08/11/05 was up as of 10:35am

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday's Show - Eddie Griffin and Staind

There were two big guests on the show today, Eddie Griffin and the band Staind. Staind performed their own version of 'The Beetlejuice Song' while Beetlejuice sat in and listened. They took a dopey little song and turned it into something pretty cool. The guys in the band claimed that the performance was only the third time they'd performed the song together. I was impressed. Artie was right when he said that it was 'turd polishing' at it's best.

Here's what you can read about on today...

  • Tommy Lee Reality Show Discussions. 08/10/05
  • Today's Guests. 08/10/05
  • Eric The Midget Asking For More Help. 08/10/05
  • SIRIUS Ready For Howard To Move Early? 08/10/05
  • Comedian Eddie Griffin Visits. 08/10/05
  • The Joke Man Returns... Kind Of. 08/10/05
  • E-mail And Gay Chicken With Sal And Richard. 08/10/05
  • Cliff Palette Calls In. 08/10/05
  • Yucko The Clown And Blue Iris Call In. 08/10/05
  • Staind Performs 'The Beetlejuice Song.' 08/10/05
  • Big Foot Matt McGrory Passes Away. 08/10/05 was up and running as of 10:30am

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday's Show - 50 Cent Cancels

I've discovered over the years that if I enjoy what I'm doing, I have no problem waking up at 5:30 in the morning. When I was working a "real" job at one of the most mis-managed car dealers in New Jersey, I hated waking up. Now that I wake up to listen to The Howard Stern Show for 4-5 hours, I get up no problem. Man that job sucked. Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Anyway, back to the Stern Show... Howard and the guys found out early this morning that rapper 50 Cent had canceled his appearance due to circumstances beyond their control. They killed some time doing other things. Here's what you can read about at today...

  • A Few Minutes With King Of All Blacks. 08/09/05
  • Phone Calls And Other Stuff. 08/09/05
  • 50 Cent Cancels Appearance. 08/09/05
  • Mercury Discussions. 08/09/05
  • Guests Cancel, Guests Show Up Unscheduled. 08/09/05
  • Bad News And Jolene Blalock Video Link. 08/09/05
  • Robin's Birthday Gone Bad. 08/09/05
  • Eric The Midget Calls In. 08/09/05
  • Riley Martin Calls In. 08/09/05
  • Porn Actress Jennifer Steele Visits. 08/09/05
  • John O'Hurley's M&Ms Commercial. 08/09/05
  • Ryan Meets His Idol... Gary? 08/09/05
  • Artie's McDonalds Breakfast. 08/09/05 was up and running as of 10:30am

Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday, August 8th - Robin's Birthday

Robin Quivers turned 53 years old today. Howard gave her a pair of expensive Manolo Blahnik boots that she seemed to like. It sure makes me feel old because I can remember listening to Howard and Robin when they were still in their 30s. Wow! Where have all the years gone? I started listening to them way back in 1988 and I only wish I had started listening before then.

Today is also the 1 year anniversary of when I started to write for Howard Stern's web site. It ended by the end of that week for many reasons. You can read about that on my web site. I thought that I would remind myself and everyone else about what happened, and how close I came to actually working for the show. I blame myself for agreeing to do it at all since they weren't offering to pay me.

Anyway, here's what you can read about at today...

  • Robin's Birthday. 08/08/05
  • Artie's Movie Wrap Party Discussed. 08/08/05
  • Dukes Of Hazzard Makes $30 Million. 08/08/05
  • Howard Back To Bike Riding. 08/08/05
  • Jessica Simpson Discussions. 08/08/05
  • Ralph Spending Time With Sam Simon. 08/08/05
  • Casey's Crime Scene Photo Fetish. 08/08/05
  • Daniel Carver's Birthday Wishes. 08/08/05
  • Peter Jennings Death Discussed. 08/08/05
  • More Birthday Gifts For Robin. 08/08/05
  • Ronnie Dissed By Rodney Impersonator. 08/08/05
  • Email, Voice Mail, Audio Clips And More. 08/08/05
  • Chopped Up Show And Other Stuff. 08/08/05
  • A Quick Cabbie Update. 08/08/05 was up and running as of 10:35am.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday - Best of Stern

Each August Howard and the guys take Fridays off so they have some nice long weekends. Howard usually spends his long weekends out at his house in The Hamptons. We get stuck with reruns from 2-4 years ago. Well, we might as well get used to it being this way all the time because when Howard makes his move to SIRIUS satellite radio next year (or sooner) he's going to have a 4 day work week with Friday's off all the time. Stern says he's got plans to do something unique for those Fridays that he's not there though... so maybe it won't be so bad.

In other news, I thought this was pretty cool. has started to do something pretty cool. They have a section under each product that says "Top Ranking Amazon Associate Websites Linking to this Page." So if my site refers a bunch of people to a specific product, I get linked from that page since I'm an "associate" and make a small commission on any sales made through the site when people link through Scroll down below the customer reviews on the "Dirty Work" page and you'll see an example.

Some of the stuff we heard on today's Best of Stern:

  • Jim Florentine as Bobby Fletcher from ''Crank Yankers'' prank call.
  • Riley Martin introduction.
  • Theresa Spins The Wheel Of Sex To Meet Marilyn Manson.
  • Hank The Dwarf vs. Beetlejuice.
  • Fred's Baby Speaks Bit.
  • Foo Fighters Dave Grohl And Taylor Hawkins Come In.
  • ''Booey Maguire'' Song Parody.
  • Teaching An Old Woman A Lesson.
  • Gary performing ''Goodbye Yellow Brick Teeth.''
  • Howard and The Backside Boys performing ''Backside's Back.''
  • Sal The Stockbroker Vs. Vin The Retard.
  • ''Brown Fingers'' song parody about Scott the Engineer.
  • A Jerky Boys prank call.
  • Howard Gives Advice To Gary About Marriage.
  • Chris Rock comedy bit about marriage.
  • Bernie Mac comedy bit about his 'faggot nephew.''
  • Howard Talks to Eric The Midget. was up and running as of 10:00am

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thursday's Show

I'm breaking in a new couch (a La-Z-Boy Montana) this morning trying to get comfortable. I sit here on my couch for 4-5 hours a day typing up the show on my laptop computer so it helps to be comfortable. I had been using this couch that was probably 15-20 years old and it fit me just right for typing but it sucked for anything else. How fitting that I sit on a La-Z-Boy couch since I'm such a lazy mother f'er.

So I'm thinking about dropping my DirecTV at the end of the year so I can get digital cable since that's where Howard's TV show is going to be shown. My wife isn't too thrilled with that idea since she likes the DirecTV. I like it too but I want to see the uncensored TV shows damn it!

Here's what you can read about at today...

  • Another Night Of Porn For Howard. 08/04/05
  • More Drumming From Richard Christy. 08/04/05
  • Shuli Talks About Howard's TV Plans. 08/04/05
  • Howard's Mail. 08/04/05
  • A Quick Call From Eric The Midget. 08/04/05
  • Various Audio Clips. 08/04/05
  • Phone Calls And More. 08/04/05
  • Baba Booey's Job Offer. 08/04/05
  • Adam Carolla Calls In, Confirms Rumors. 08/04/05
  • Stump The Booey With Barry And Jaimie. 08/04/05 was up and running as of 10:25am

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday's Show.

Well, it was another crazy day today with Howard announcing his new TV plans. He's moving to an "on demand" service through iN DEMAND Networks so everyone who wants to watch is going to need digital cable with the "on demand" feature. I have DirecTV satellite right now and I love it, but I think I'm going to be switching to cable once he makes the jump.

Here's what you can read about at today...

  • Phone Calls. 08/03/05
  • SIRIUS Channel 100 Will Be Howard's. 08/03/05
  • Howard Stern On Demand (In Demand). 08/03/05
  • ''Hot For Teacher'' And Howard's Sister Ellen Calls In. 08/03/05
  • Sal, Richard And Fred Perform ''Hot For Teacher.'' 08/03/05
  • Double A's SIRIUS Show Causing Problems With Tabitha Stevens. 08/03/05
  • Butt Bongoing For $500. 08/03/05
  • Johnny Knoxville's Lie Detector Test. 08/03/05
  • Gilbert Gottfried Visits. 08/03/05 was up and running as of 10:25am

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday's Show

Things seemed to be back to normal today. Artie wasn't having any meltdowns or missing work or suggesting that he's going to be leaving. There was some talk about the rumors that Howard and the rest of the guys will be gone by September 22nd though. What the hell am I going to do for 3 months if that happens?

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday's Show

Artie returned to the show today and said he won't be doing the movie that was the topic of discussion when he was almost threatening to leave the show last week. He said he's not planning to leave but that may happen in the future. He seemed to be in much better spirits today than he was last Wednesday when he had his meltdown.

Howard recently said that he was pretty sure that the rumors that they'll be out by September were false and they'd probably be around until December. Well, this morning he was back to saying that he's pretty sure that they won't be around to finish out their contract this year so who knows what's going to happen...

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