Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday - Train Recreates History

Howard had the band Train come in to recreate some of the songs that they performed on his old radio show. Howard wasn't allowed to bring his old tapes with them and Train had a few songs that they wanted back. Howard also spoke to NFL football player Chad Johnson. Jay Thomas also stopped by to share some funny stories with Howard.

You can read all of that and more at MarksFriggin.com today...

  • New Fan Calls In. 6:00am
  • Stern Show Exposure Good For Internet Searches. 6:05am
  • Employing Bonaduce? 6:10am
  • Why Jon Stewart? 6:15am
  • Crazy News, Crazy Weather And Crazy Pastor. 6:20am
  • Various Bits, Audio Clips And More. 6:40am
  • Phone Calls. 6:50am
  • No Stereo Effect On Howard 100. 7:00am
  • Eric The Midget Actor Calls In. 7:10am
  • Howard 100 News Update With Lisa G. 7:25am
  • Football Player Chad Johnson Calls In. 7:40am
  • Drunken Scores Strippers Audio Clips. 8:10am
  • Train Performs Live In Howard's Studio. 8:25am
  • Jay Thomas Tells Some Great Stories. 9:10am
  • Howard 100 News And Wrap Up Show Previews Plus Train Rambles On. 10:00am
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday - Danny Bonaduce Visits

Danny Bonaduce stopped by the show to talk to Howard for a while. Danny is going to be doing his own radio show on Howard 100 all this week. You can read about that and a lot more on MarksFriggin.com today...
  • Artie Letting Himself Go? 6:00am
  • Where Are The Stern Fans? 6:15am
  • Howard's Dinner With Barbara Walters And Others. 6:45am
  • Loving The Show. 6:55am
  • Lisa G's Howard 100 News Update. 7:10am
  • Alice Rubio, The Biggest Stern Fan? 7:20am
  • Andy Dick Dot Com. 7:30am
  • Blue Iris And Shirley Temple Black Sound The Same. 7:35am
  • No More Filthy Studios. 7:45am
  • Disturbing Porn Clips. 7:55am
  • Various Bits And Audio Clips. 8:05am
  • The Nicole Bass Game. 8:20am
  • Ronnie's Escalade Covered In Bumper Stickers. 8:25am
  • Danny Bonaduce Visits. 8:45am
  • Howard 100 News And Wrap-Up Show Updates. 9:40am
  • Robin's News, Phone Calls And More. 9:55am
  • Mike From Howard 100 News Visits. 10:40am
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Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday's Show.

Read about today's Howard Stern Show at MarksFriggin.com. Here's what you can read about...
  • Howard Stern On Demand Name Change. 6:00am
  • Jagermeister And Henry Hill Discussions. 6:05am
  • Even Steve Martin Has Trouble Finding SIRIUS Tuners. 6:20am
  • Homo-Cop 2006. 6:40am
  • Obnoxious Baldwin And Mark The Bagger. 6:55am
  • Lisa G's Howard 100 News Update. 7:05am
  • Oprah Winfrey Audio Clips. 7:15am
  • Lisa G Misunderstood Henry Hill. 7:30am
  • The Reverend Bob Levy Celebrity Roast - Part 1. 7:50am
  • The Reverend Bob Levy Celebrity Roast - Part 2. 8:05am
  • The Reverend Bob Levy Celebrity Roast - Part 3. 8:30am
  • Feedback About Bob Levy's Roast. 9:15am
  • Feedback ABout Howard Going Off On Rolling Stone. 9:20am
  • Fair And Balanced? 9:30am
  • More Mail And Henry Hill Audio Clips. 9:35am
  • Howard's Parents Call In. 9:45am
  • Howard 100 News And The Wrap Up Show Updates. 10:00am
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Friday Delay

Nevermind the delay... things have changed, no delay. MarksFriggin.com will be updated by 11:00 or so...


Thursday's Show

Here's what you can read about on today's MarksFriggin.com...
  • Prank Calls And More. 01/26/06. 6:00am
  • Howard Done With SternFanNetwork? 01/26/06. 6:10am
  • Keeping The Studios And Offices Pristine. 01/26/06. 6:20am
  • Howard Takes Phone Calls. 01/26/06. 6:50am
  • Lisa G's Howard 100 News Update. 01/26/06. 7:05am
  • Shade45 Crew Visit Howard. 01/26/06. 7:15am
  • Various Stuff. 01/26/06. 7:55am
  • The Bloodhound Gang Pitch A Show Idea. 01/26/06. 8:00am
  • Mob Informant Henry Hill Visits. 01/26/06. 8:50am
  • Rolling Stone And Jann Wenner On Howard's Shit List. 01/26/06. 9:40am
  • Howard 100 News And The Wrap Up Show Updates. 01/26/06. 10:00am
  • Dan's Knife And More Rolling Stone Complaints. 01/26/06. 10:05am
  • Double A Pitches Another Show Idea. 01/26/06. 10:35am
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Evening...

Unfortunately my site is going to be down for a few hours this evening. My hosting company is moving servers and everything is going to be out until about 1am Eastern time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday's Show

Howard had a lot going on today as usual these days. Here's what you can read about on today's MarksFriggin.com...
  • Howard Goofs On Scott The Engineer. 6:00am
  • Sam Simon, Danny Bonaduce Joining Howard 100-101. 6:05am
  • More Chaunce Hayden In The News. 6:10am
  • Meet The Sterns And Jon Hein Discussions. 6:20am
  • Scott The Engineer Still Working On Homo-Cop 2006. 6:30am
  • Let's Play Tapes... 7:00am
  • Lisa G's Howard 100 News Update. 7:05am
  • Stirring Up Shit With Shade45. 7:20am
  • George Rush Of Rush And Malloy Calls In. 7:30am
  • More Shade45 Discussions. 7:45am
  • Dead Air Dave Visits. 7:55am
  • Robin's Technical Problems. 8:40am
  • Junk Sent To Howard. 8:45am
  • Caller Of The Week - Paco. 9:05am
  • Chris Penn Passes Away, Howard Calls His Brother An Asshole. 9:15am
  • Beth O, Howard 100 News And The Wrap Up Show Discussions. 9:30am
  • Regifting Dr. Calabro's Digital Camera. 9:45am
  • Captain Janks Is Gay. 9:55am
  • Howard Still Addicted To SternFanNetwork. 10:05am
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday - Week 3 Day 1 on SIRIUS

Howard Stern interviewed Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis today. Some people did't liek the interivew but Howard thoguht she was actually pretty fun. Howard played some bits that he remade since Infinity didn't allow him to take his old tapes. There was a lot of other stuff going on today as well. You can read it all at MarksFriggin.com today...
  • Satellite Radio Regulation Discussions. 6:00am
  • Football Discussions. 6:25am
  • More Censorship Discussions. 6:35am
  • Old Bits Re-Recorded. 6:50am
  • Artie's Friday With Bubba And The Rolling Stones. 7:05am
  • Various Stuff. 7:50am
  • Howard's Parents Final Show? 7:55am
  • Gary Garver Interviews. 8:05am
  • Sad Sack Dan The Song Parody Man Discussions. 8:10am
  • More Various Stuff. 8:25am
  • Alexis Stewart Visits. 8:35am
  • Howard 100 News And Wrap Up Show Updates. 9:35am
  • Song Parodies, Phone Calls And More. 9:50am
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday - Another Week Done.

Damn these shows are long. Between Howard not having many commercials and the show running five hours every day, I'm typing constantly from 6am to 11am.

KC Armstrong called in to explain why he's back in rehab and why he didn't show up to Howard's birthday party last Friday. Comedian Ant talked about his gay life and gave MarksFriggin.com a nice plug. There was a lot of other stuff going on today and you can read it all on MarksFriggin.com...
  • Who's Messing With Howard's Studio? 01/20/06. 6:00am
  • TV Show And Radio Show Discussions. 01/20/06. 6:05am
  • Howard Reads Some E-mail. 01/20/06. 6:10am
  • Phone Calls And More. 01/20/06. 6:20am
  • A Bob Levy Spelling Bee. 01/20/06. 6:40am
  • Yucko Bits And More. 01/20/06. 6:50am
  • Howard 100 News Update And Benjy's Protest. 01/20/06. 7:10am
  • KC Armstrong Calls In. 01/20/06. 7:20am
  • Crazy Politicians. 01/20/06. 8:10am
  • Insider Info About David Lee Roth's Show. 01/20/06. 8:15am
  • Howard Talks To Former NY Giant Beasley Reese. 01/20/06. 8:25am
  • Howard 100 News Clips. 01/20/06. 8:30am
  • Doug Vs. Sal. 01/20/06. 8:45am
  • Comedian Ant Visits. 01/20/06. 9:00am
  • Rev. Bob Levy Eats Ass. 01/20/06. 9:30am
  • Another Howard 100 News Update. 01/20/06. 9:55am
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 01/20/06. 10:05am
  • Double A Rubs It Out To Beth O. 01/20/06. 10:15am
  • Howard Feels Bad For Opie And Anthony? 01/20/06. 10:25am
  • Scott's A Loser Baby... 01/20/06. 10:40am
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday - Shawn King And Roy Simmons

Howard interviewed Larry King's wife Shawn and former NFL player Roy Simmons during today's show. There was a ton of other stuff going on today as well.

Read it at MarksFriggin.com today...
  • Getting Ready For Confrontation. 01/19/06. 6:00am
  • More 10 Million Subscriber Mark Stunts. 01/19/06. 6:05am
  • Rachel Hunter Song Parodies. 01/19/06. 6:10am
  • Jeff The Drunk Prank Call And More. 01/19/06. 6:25am
  • Howard's Mail. 01/19/06. 6:30am
  • Bob Levy Stories. 01/19/06. 6:35am
  • Lisa G News Update. 01/19/06. 7:10am
  • American Idol Discussions. 01/19/06. 7:25am
  • Larry King's Wife Shawn Visits. 01/19/06. 7:35am
  • Shawn King's Not-So-Sacred Thong Underwear. 01/19/06. 8:25am
  • Howard's Plastic Surgery News Reports. 01/19/06. 8:40am
  • KC Armstrong Update. 01/19/06. 8:45am
  • Various Stuff. 01/19/06. 8:50am
  • Former NFL Player Roy Simmons Visits. 01/19/06. 8:55am
  • Howard 100 News And Wrap Up Show Updates. 01/19/06. 9:35am
  • Bong Hit Eric Plays The Cliff Pallete Game. 01/19/06. 9:55am
  • Phone Calls And Various Stuff. 01/19/06. 10:10am
  • Robin's News And Other Stuff. 01/19/06. 10:20am
  • Howard's Nose Job And Freedom From Marriage. 01/19/06. 10:40am
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday - Rachel Hunter's Big Mistake

If you don't have SIRIUS, you don't know what you're missing. Today Howard went off on Rachel Hunter after she walked out and refused to be interviewed by him if they had cameras on her. Howard called her the C-word and said that she's a fat cow after she walked out. Not only that but we learned a few details about mob informant Henry Hill and how he was anally raped after being drugged by a couple of guys out in Nebraska.

You can read all of that and more at MarksFriggin.com today...
  • Howard's Nose Job Revelation Discussed. 01/18/06. 6:00am
  • Sal Goes Off On Fred And Doug's Wife. 01/18/06. 6:15am
  • Howard Stern On Demand Discussions. 01/18/06. 6:25am
  • Plastic Surgery Discussions. 01/18/06. 6:50am
  • Song Parodies And Prank Calls. 01/18/06. 7:00am
  • News And Intern Show Updates. 01/18/06. 7:15am
  • Henry Hill Calls In. 01/18/06. 7:20am
  • Rachel Hunter Bails, Howard Calls Her The C-Word. 01/18/06. 7:55am
  • Ivan Reitman Calls In. 01/18/06. 8:25am
  • Excuses, Excuses... 01/18/06. 8:35am
  • Captain Janks Checks In. 01/18/06. 8:40am
  • Crazy Stunts For High Subscriber Numbers. 01/18/06. 8:45am
  • Eric The Midget Actor Calls In. 01/18/06. 8:55am
  • Martha Stewart's Channel Bad Mouthing Howard? 01/18/06. 9:20am
  • Phone Calls And E-mail. 01/18/06. 9:30am
  • Gary's Bonus Revelation. 01/18/06. 9:40am
  • After Show Update, E-mail And More. 01/18/06. 10:00am
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday - More Revelations

Howard and the crew went through the rest of their revelations today. There were a couple of surprises in there but no one was surprised about Howard's revelation. Model Adrianne Curry also came in for a visit.

You can read about all of this crap on MarksFriggin.com today...
  • Various Stuff. . 01/17/06. 6:00am
  • Listen Assholes... 01/17/06. 6:05am
  • Howard's Birthday Party Discussed. 01/17/06. 6:10am
  • JD's Online Webcam Chick - KissyPhur. 01/17/06. 6:30am
  • Revelation Number 6. 01/17/06. 6:45am
  • Revelation Number 7. 01/17/06. 7:05am
  • Adrianne Curry Visits. 01/17/06. 7:35am
  • Revelation Number 8. 01/17/06. 8:20am
  • Revelation Number 9. 01/17/06.
  • Revelation Number 10. 01/17/06. 9:25am
  • Revelation Number 11 Plus Bonus Revelations! 01/17/06. 9:50am
  • And Finally... 01/17/06. 10:20am
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Monday, January 16, 2006

The Revelations (most) Are Revealed

Wow! I forgot to post an update on Friday, sorry about that. Anyway, Howard and the guys were busy revealing whose revelations belonged to who on today's show. They only got to 5 of the 11 revelations because they spent so much time talking about each one though. They'll be getting to the other six tomorrow.

Here's what you can read about on today's MarksFriggin.com...

  • Reverend Bob Levy Sits In. 01/16/06. 6:00am
  • Revelations To Be Revealed Today. 01/16/06. 6:10am
  • Advertising On Stern. 01/16/06. 6:15am
  • Dirty Bits And Racist Phone Call. 01/16/06. 6:20am
  • Celebrity Fit Club Audio Clips. 01/16/06. 6:30am
  • Jerk-Off Weekend. 01/16/06. 6:45am
  • Pinnochio Dave Remembers Tom Snyder Interview. 01/16/06. 6:55am
  • George Takei Recording Session Tape. 01/16/06. 7:05am
  • Lisa G's News Update. 01/16/06. 7:15am
  • The Revelation Game With 3 Listeners. 01/16/06. 7:25am
  • The First Revelation Revealed! 01/16/06. 7:55am
  • More Revelations Revealed. 01/16/06. 8:15am
  • Howard's Surprise Birthday Party. 01/16/06. 8:55am
  • Revelation Numbers 4 And 5. 01/16/06. 9:10am
  • 'Da Bad Ass' Reveals More. 01/16/06. 9:30am
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day Four

There's so much going on during the shows these days... You can read about all of this stuff today at MarksFriggin.com...
  • The Obscenity Battle Continues. 01/12/06. 6:00am
  • Fun With George Takei Audio Clips. 01/12/06. 6:05am
  • Howard Visits Bubba's Show. 01/12/06. 6:15am
  • Fred's Meltdown. 01/12/06. 6:25am
  • Fred And Howard Still Working Out Problems. 01/12/06. 6:40am
  • A Ned Prank Call From Bubba's Show. 01/12/06. 6:50am
  • Shaky Hands Sal And Other Stuff. 01/12/06. 6:55am
  • Howard's Weekend With His Parents. 01/12/06. 7:15am
  • The Real Arnold Schwarzenegger? 01/12/06. 7:20am
  • George Takei Discussions. 01/12/06. 7:40am
  • Eli Roth Calls In. 01/12/06. 7:50am
  • Mark Messier Audio Clips. 01/12/06. 8:05am
  • Richie: SIRIUS Installer To The Stars. 01/12/06. 8:20am
  • Howard 100 News Reporter Lisa G Comes In. 01/12/06. 8:30am
  • Lindsay Lohan And Kate Moss Story. 01/12/06. 8:55am
  • Various Audio Clips And Discussions. 01/12/06. 9:05am
  • Madison's Topless Welcome. 01/12/06. 9:20am
  • Howard's Radio Plans. 01/12/06. 9:35am
  • Jeff The Drunk's Birthday Wishes. 01/12/06. 9:40am
  • Howard's Small Birthday Celebration. 01/12/06. 9:55am
  • George Flowers News Update. 01/12/06. 10:05am
  • Howard's Final Show And George Takei Discussions. 01/12/06. 10:15am
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Howard's Third Day at SIRIUS

Howard was busy once again today even though he didn't have any guests. They had plenty to do today. You can read the details at MarksFriggin.com today...

  • TV Show Discussions. 01/11/06. 6:00am
  • Don Imus Discussions And The New Odd Couple. 01/11/06. 6:15am
  • More Jeff Conaway Clips And Phone Calls. 01/11/06. 6:20am
  • Commercial Break Confusion. 01/11/06. 6:35am
  • New Prank Call And Fake Arnold Replay. 01/11/06. 6:45am
  • Get Stern On In Canada. 01/11/06. 7:20am
  • George Takei Plays The F, Marry, Kill Game. 01/11/06. 7:25am
  • Howard's Man Purses And Other Gay Stuff. 01/11/06. 7:35am
  • Revelation Show Predictions. 01/11/06. 7:45am
  • More F, Marry, Kill With George Takei. 01/11/06. 8:00am
  • Brad And Angelina Baby Discussions. 01/11/06. 8:10am
  • Movie Reviews And Discussions. 01/11/06. 8:15am
  • SIRIUS Stern Show Press Coverage. 01/11/06. 8:55am
  • Howard's Mail. 01/11/06. 9:10am
  • Gary Visits SIRIUS OutQ (The Gay Channel). 01/11/06. 9:25am
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Second Day On SIRIUS

Howard seems to be settling into his new show pretty well. Today's show was like listening to something he's been doing for over 20 years. There are still some technical problems and other issues but they're working them out. Here's what you can read about on MarksFriggin.com today...
  • A Few Minutes With George Takei. 01/10/06. 6:00am
  • Press Coverage For Howard's First Show. 01/10/06. 6:15am
  • Yesterday's Show Discussed. 01/10/06. 6:25am
  • Bubba The Love Sponge Discussions. 01/10/06. 6:35am
  • Howard's First Commercial Break On SIRIUS. 01/10/06. 6:40am
  • Scott The Engineer Still A Problem. 01/10/06. 6:50am
  • Awful Christmas Gifts. 01/10/06. 7:00am
  • Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls In. 01/10/06. 7:05am
  • Commercial Break Number 2. 01/10/06. 7:20am
  • 26 Year Old JD Finally Loses His Virginity! 01/10/06. 7:30am
  • Commercial Confusion. 01/10/06. 8:40am
  • George Takei's Star Trek Days. 01/10/06. 8:45am
  • Bubba Corrects A Mistake. 01/10/06. 8:55am
  • First Fan Invited To The New Studio. 01/10/06. 9:40am
  • To Play Or Not To Play George Takei vs. Fake Arnold. 01/10/06. 9:45am
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Howard's First Official Broadcast.

Howard started his new show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio this morning... I did (almost) real time updates as the show was going on. Here's what you can read about today on MarksFriggin.com...

  • The Revolution Has Begun... 01/09/06. 6:00am
  • No Commercials... But A Music Break. 01/09/06. 6:10am
  • Catching Up Since The Final Show. 01/09/06. 6:15am
  • Cursing Rules. 01/09/06. 6:25am
  • Pat O'Brien Uncensored. 01/09/06. 6:30am
  • George Takei's First Gay Experience. 01/09/06. 6:40am
  • Howard's TV, George's First Woman And More. 01/09/06. 6:45am
  • David Lee Roth Discussions. 01/09/06. 6:55am
  • Selling SIRIUS Radios. 01/09/06. 7:10am
  • George Takei No Longer Taking It Up The Ass. 01/09/06. 7:15am
  • David Lee Roth Passes On Howard As Guest Caller. 01/09/06. 7:20am
  • Howard - Married Or Not Married? 01/09/06. 7:40am
  • Various Stuff. 01/09/06. 7:50am
  • Staff Revelations. 01/09/06. 8:00am
  • Howard Stern Show Press Conference. 01/09/06. 8:35am
  • King Kong Racially Motivated? 01/09/06. 10:00am
  • More Various Discussions. 01/09/06. 10:10am
  • Robin's News Begins. 01/09/06. 10:15am
  • Bubba Vs. Ronnie. 01/09/06. 10:25am
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Friday, January 06, 2006

Howard's Live Test Shows

Howard Stern did two live test shows this week. I've written up a rundown of each show on MarksFriggin.com

Monday, January 02, 2006

Howard's First Words On SIRIUS

Over the weekend (Sunday around 12:10am) Howard made a phone call to Howard 100 News and spent about an hour talking to his news team and to Gary Dell'Abate who also called in. Howard spent about an hour talking about his future and how excited he is. I was lucky enough to have heard this live and wrote up a rundown of what went on. You can read about it at MarksFriggin.com today.