Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Howard 100 - Who the Hell is Running the Board?

I don't know who is running the board over at Howard 100 tonight but they're screwing up the broadcast like you wouldn't believe. I tuned in about 10 minutes early to hear the Howard 100 News this evening around 6pm. A few minutes before the broadcast was supposed to go live, they played about 10 different audio clips over each other in unison. Then they went silent for a few seconds, then started to play the Wise Guy Show from one of the other channels on SIRIUS. That lasted a few seconds, then they played the opening song for Howard 100 News which is Red Peters' "Why Can't I Say These Things" twice!... Then another audio clip out of sequence... then the Red Peters song AGAIN! Three times? C'mon!

Were they trying to fill time because of technical problems or just plain screwing up? Who knows? They didn't start Howard 100 News until 6:13PM!

I sure hope this isn't the sign of things to come. I know Howard's channel is still in it's infancy but holy crap... Howard has complained for years about the engineering staff at WXRK, what is he going to say about this crew?

Wednesday's Show - 12 Live Shows Left

Howard has just 12 live shows left before he goes on Christmas vacation and then returns to the air on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Today he had a couple of guests like Elegant Elliot Offen and Jim Breuer. Offen caused some havoc before he even showed up at the studio. Breuer reminded Howard of a classic moment from the show that he thought was great so they played the audio from that 1992 show.

You can read about all of that stuff and more at today...
  • Howard's Battle For Carts Continues. 11/30/05
  • SIRIUS Ads Rejected By All Terrestrial Radio Stations. 11/30/05
  • Howard's Media Blitz Discussed. 11/30/05
  • Howard Afraid Of Getting Sick. 11/30/05
  • Howard's Final Show Discussed. 11/30/05
  • Various News Stories. 11/30/05
  • Indecency Hearings. 11/30/05
  • Elegant Elliot Offen Visits And Causes Havoc. 11/30/05
  • Jim Breuer Visits. 11/30/05
  • Supertwink Preview And More. 11/30/05
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday's Show

Howard had a lot of stuff to go through today. He spent a bit of time talking about the way Tom is dicking him around about his audio carts. Jeff the Drunk said goodbye to Howard's terrestrial radio show today and went out with a bang.

Read all of this stuff on today...
  • Tom Dicking With Howard Again. 11/29/05
  • Various News Stories. 11/29/05
  • Suspended K-Rock DJ Jake Calls In. 11/29/05
  • Intern Adam Gets Governor McGreevy Tape. 11/29/05
  • Howard's Final Day Discussed. 11/29/05
  • Sal And Richard's Sex Scene Goes All Wrong. 11/29/05
  • Gary Garver Interviews. 11/29/05
  • Jeff The Drunk Says Goodbye. 11/29/05
  • Tearing Down The Walls. 11/29/05
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Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday's Show - Howard Returns From Vacation

Howard and the guys returned from their holiday vacation today. They had a lot to talk about, just look at the long list of different segments I have listed below! You can read the full details at today...
  • Howard Returns From Vacation. 11/28/05
  • Super Fan Roundtable Discussions. 11/28/05
  • High School Reunions. 11/28/05
  • Cabbie Prison Visit Goes All Wrong. 11/28/05
  • Revelation Show Still Up In The Air. 11/28/05
  • Howard Stern On Demand Discussions. 11/28/05
  • Sal And Richard Goof On Yucko. 11/28/05
  • Shuli Calls In. 11/28/05
  • Artie's 1:00am Phone Call To Gary. 11/28/05
  • Gary Scammed Out Of $2,200 On eBay! 11/28/05
  • Howard's Billboard Radio Monitor Special Edition. 11/28/05
  • Howard's Katie Couric Interview Discussed. 11/28/05
  • Howard On SNL, Movie Reviews And More. 11/28/05
  • Cliffhanger/Revelation Show Controversy Continues. 11/28/05
  • Moving Day Discussions. 11/28/05
  • SNL Sketch Ideas And More. 11/28/05
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Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday - The Best of Stern

Last day of reruns for this vacation week. Howard and the crew return live next week to finish out their final 15 live shows. Don't miss them!

Here's what they played during The Best of Stern today, you can read the full details at

  • The Best Of Stern. 11/25/05
  • ''Booey Maguire'' song parody.
  • Stuttering John interviewing Gary Coleman.
  • Alice Cooper performing ''Eighteen'' live in Howard's studio.
  • Playboy Model Nicole Narain Comes In.
  • Wrestler Goldust... Oo, Oo, Oo... Comes In.
  • ''Celebrity Win Fred's Money'' With Guest Julie Bowen.
  • Howard Praises Anna Nicole Smith's TV Show.
  • Anna Nicole Smith Comes In.
  • Benjy And Anna Nicole Smith Hook Up!?
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MarksFriggin - New Look

I've given my web site a little bit of a face lift. It's nothing fancy, I just wanted to make some changes to the site as an unofficial 10th anniversary celebration.

I was going to do the work over the Christmas Holiday while waiting for Howard to make his move to satellite. Those plans didn't work out because I'm going to be moving the week after Howard's final terrestrial radio show. I'll have a bit of work to do at the new house so I figured I'd try to get it done this week. Most of the main pages will have the new layout while others may take a little longer to get to.

Love it or hate it, the look is here to stay. It may need some tweaking so I will consider making slight changes from any complaints or suggestions I get.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

10% Off SIRIUS Radios - Happy Thanksgiving from!

It's time to start shopping for your SIRIUS satellite radio tuner! I've been authorized by SIRIUS to give anyone who visits a special 10% off offer for any orders placed through through the end of November.

Just go to, add desired products to your cart, and use the following discount code when prompted during checkout: friggin10. This will give you 10% off the total purchase and will not negate the $50 rebate! That's right, you get a $50 rebate plus a 10% discount when you use the friggin10 discount code!

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, even though it's Thanksgiving, they still played The Best of Stern. You can read the full details at today. Here's a quick list of what we heard...
  • The Best Of Stern. 11/24/05
  • Wendy the Retard Performing ''RESPECT'' Karaoke Style.
  • Staind Performing ''The Beetlejuice Song'' Live in Howard's Studio.
  • ''Scott From The Block'' song parody.
  • Gary Garver Interviews Johnny Cochran.
  • Danita The Intern Problems.
  • Artie's Commercial Read And More.
  • Danita The Intern Update.
  • Counting Crows performing ''Mr. Jones'' live in Howard's studio.
  • Playboy Playmates visit.
  • Howard Interviews Judy Nelson.
  • David Bowie performing ''Fame'' live on a Howard Stern Birthday Show.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday - More Reruns

Wow! They actually played some great stuff from many years ago during today's Best of Stern. They had the original conversation where Gary first uttered the words 'Baba Booey' and some other great bits where Billy West, Jackie the Joke Man and others were on. Here's what you can read about on today...
  • The Best Of Stern. 11/23/05
  • Crackhead Bob History - Bus Driver, Air Traffic Controller.
  • Howard Interviews Al Michaels.
  • Gary Utters ''Baba Booey'' For The First Time.
  • Richard Simmons Visit.
  • Howard And Vinnie Play Judy Garland Tapes.
  • Howard Speaks To Religious Freak.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday's Best of Stern.

Here's what we heard on this second day of reruns this friggin week. Read the full details on today.
  • The Best Of Stern. 11/22/05
  • Jim Florentine and Eminem ''brothers'' prank call from Crank Yankers.
  • Alice, The Black Woman Who Hates Black People.
  • The Newlyweird Game.
  • The Newlyweird Game Aftermath.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Sufferer Doug Bady and Friend Dave.
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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Train Wreck We Used To Call 92.3 K-Rock

Earlier today I e-mailed back and forth with a fan who asked me if I was going to do a daily synopsis of David Lee Roth's radio show once he takes over for Howard Stern on WXRK in New York City on January 3rd. I've never laughed so hard at an e-mail before. I thought the guy was yanking my chain, turns out he was serious. My prediction for that gentleman was that Roth will be gone from Infinity Broadcasting by the end of 2006 due to low ratings. How can anyone listen to David Lee Roth's ramblings for more than 5 minutes a month nevermind 4 hours a day?

Not only is K-Rock going all talk, but they're bringing in the worst of the worst in talk shows. Granted, I haven't heard Roth's show yet but I have heard Leslie Gold, also known as The Radio Chick, who has been hired to do afternoon drive on WXRK starting next year when they go all talk... or Free FM. Gold's show was awful on WNEW and when it was on SIRIUS, believe me, I tried listening.

It is kind of sad that a once great radio station is going to go down in flames. I'm just glad I won't be listening to hear the horror as it's playing out. I can't imagine what other awful shows they're going to add to the line up over there. I wonder how long it'll be before they switch to a Hispanic music format... one year? Six months?

Bye-bye Sync Magazine

Yay! Sync magazine is closing up shop! I couldn't be happier! They screwed me over earlier this year and now they're out of business. Friggin sweet! Read how they screwed me over at

I've also included the link to the NY Times article where they talk about the demise of the sucky magazine.

Monday - The Best of Stern

Howard and the guys are on their week long Thanksgiving vacation this week. We had lots of reruns to hear today. Here's the list, read the full details at
  • The Best Of Stern. 11/21/05
  • Jeff the Drunk performing 'You Were Always on my Mind'' with Willie Nelson.
  • AJ Benza's Baby Date.
  • The Stern Show In Las Vegas 2003 - Artie's Basketball Game.
  • The Stern Show In Las Vegas 2003 - Artie's Loss.
  • Ian the Drunk Russian Rambles On And On Once Again.
  • Gilbert Gottfried in the hot seat(on the phone).
  • Scott the Engineer's most memorable moment - Howard attaches fishing pole to his toupee.
  • Jeff the Drunk performing 'You Were Always on my Mind'' with Willie Nelson (Again).
  • Laura The Psychic Can't Predict Anything.
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Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday's Show - Only 15 Live Shows Left!

Today we learned some very interesting stuff from Artie. Not only did he reveal the money he'll make this year but also revealed that he was offered the chance to replace Howard Stern in a couple of markets!

Read about that and a lot more at today...
  • Opening Song Flops. 11/18/05
  • Howard And Tom Battle Over Cliffhanger Show. 11/18/05
  • Howard's Letterman Appearance Discussed. 11/18/05
  • Various Phone Calls. 11/18/05
  • More Letterman Discussions. 11/18/05
  • Alanis Morissette Performs Live. 11/18/05
  • Howard's 20th Anniversary. 11/18/05
  • Double An And High Pitch Being 'Jerky' According To Will. 11/18/05
  • $1.2 Million A Year = Artie's Income. 11/18/05
  • Artie Offered The Chance To Replace Howard! 11/18/05
  • The Mike Walker Gossip Game. 11/18/05
  • Howard Stern On Demand Now Available. 11/18/05
  • Jimmy Kimmel Visits. 11/18/05
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday's Show - Late Upload

Sorry for the delay today. I got sidetracked as I was writing up my experiences at the In Demand studios from last night. I didn't even realize that I didn't upload the files to the server.

Here's what you can read about today on today:
  • Tom Ruins The Cliff Hanger Show. 11/17/05
  • Tissue Time For Howard. 11/17/05
  • Cliff Hanger Stories Update. 11/17/05
  • Howard's Cliff Hanger Shared With Will. 11/17/05
  • Crazy Canadian government Rules Keep Howard Off Satellite. 11/17/05
  • Beth O And Howard On CBS TV Tonight. 11/17/05
  • Retiring The Losers Musical Performances. 11/17/05
  • Evil Dave Letterman Sits In. 11/17/05
  • Retiring More Musical Performances. 11/17/05
  • Women Vomit To Win A Trip To Vegas. 11/17/05
  • Howard Stern On Demand Launch Party Discussed. 11/17/05
  • Various Stuff During Robin's News. 11/17/05
  • Stern On Letterman Tonight! 11/17/05
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday's Show - 17 Live Shows Left

Howard talked to former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman on the phone today. He also retired a bunch of classic bits and songs from the show. You can read about that and more on today.
  • Howard Misses Heidi Cortez's Second Show. 11/16/05
  • Howard's Busy Schedule. 11/16/05
  • December 16th Cliffhanger Planned. 11/16/05
  • Former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman Calls In. 11/16/05
  • More Cliffhanger Discussions. 11/16/05
  • Howard 100 News Discussions. 11/16/05
  • Sal's Sappy Letter And More. 11/16/05
  • Howard Chooses Guests For The Final Shows. 11/16/05
  • Howard Retires Classic Interviews And Musical Performances. 11/16/05
  • More Musical Performances Retired. 11/16/05
  • Howard's Childhood Batman And Robin Audio Tape. 11/16/05
  • Keith Olbermann's New Fan - Howard Stern. 11/16/05
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jackie The Joke Man Returning?

Howard 100 News (on Sirius Satellite Radio) broke a news story tonight about Jackie the Joke Man Martling possibly returning to Howard's show in the next week or so. This would be a one time thing, not a regular gig on the show, but it sounds possible. Jackie was on another show at Sirius and told the interviewer that he would like to promote an upcoming gig on Howard's show.

Howard 100 News reporters did some research and found that Jackie hasn't contacted Gary to schedule the appearance yet. Don't hold your breath Jackie fans.

Tuesday's Show - 18 Shows Left

Howard went through some more classic bits today trying to retire some of the stuff he won't be taking with him to satellite. Sal the Stockbroker almost got himself fired this morning after calling Tom Chiusano a ''dick head'' on the air. There was a bunch of other stuff going on today and you can read the full details at today.
  • Benjy's Sweat. 11/15/05
  • Heidi Cortez Show Reviewed. 11/15/05
  • Sal The Stockbroker Fired? 11/15/05
  • Get To The F'ing Point! 11/15/05
  • No Phone Sex For Eric The Midget. 11/15/05
  • Howard Talks To Shar Jackson. 11/15/05
  • Tissue Time Pete Calls In. 11/15/05
  • 18 Live Shows Left. 11/15/05
  • Howard's Name An Obscenity At CBS - Confirmed. 11/15/05
  • Retiring More Classic Bits. 11/15/05
  • Gilbert Gottfried Plugs His DVD. 11/15/05

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday's Show - 19 Live Shows Left

There are only 19 more live shows left for Howard and the crew on terrestrial radio. Today they started to go through some of the classic bits that they will never be able to play again once they leave. Howard also interviewed Drea de Matteo and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

You can read all of that and more at today...
  • Show Start Song Not Picked By Howard. 11/14/05
  • Odd Looking Child Actors Discussed. 11/14/05
  • Classic Gina Man And Gina Girl Bits. 11/14/05
  • ''Howard Stern The High School Years'' Test Animation. 11/14/05
  • Howard's Quick Review Of 'Revenge of the Sith.' 11/14/05
  • More Classic Bits Retired. 11/14/05
  • Drea de Matteo And Shooter Jennings Visit. 11/14/05
  • More Classic Tapes Put To Rest. 11/14/05
  • ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Visits. 11/14/05
  • 19 Shows Left... 11/14/05
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Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday's Show - 20 Shows Left

Howard had a nice conversation with Sarah Silverman who called in to promote a movie. Robert Downey Jr. also came in and talked about the time he sent in jail. There were a lot of discussions about last night's Super Fan Round Table show on Howard 100 and their plans for the final weeks of the show on terrestrial radio.
  • Super Fan Round Table Discussed. 11/11/05
  • David Lee Roth Promos Annoying Double A. 11/11/05
  • Crazy Tyra Banks Audio. 11/11/05
  • Sarah Silverman Calls In. 11/11/05
  • Cape Cod Station Update. 11/11/05
  • Various Phone Calls. 11/11/05
  • Robert Downey Jr. Visits. 11/11/05
  • Various News And Audio Clips. 11/11/05
  • Super Fan Round Table Discussions. 11/11/05
  • Planning The Final Weeks Of The Show. 11/11/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 11/11/05
  • Artie's Sausage And Pepper Sandwich And Alex The GSM's Son. 11/11/05
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday's Show - 21 Shows Left

It was a pretty busy show today and there were a couple of funny interviews with both Dennis Rodman and George Takei. Takei recently came out of the closet so Howard spent most of the interview talking to him about being gay.

Here's what you can read about on today...
  • Howard The Wimp? 11/10/05
  • Homo Thursday. 11/10/05
  • Mark Harris Visits. 11/10/05
  • Phone Calls And More. 11/10/05
  • Staind's Beetlejuice Song And Other Various Stuff. 11/10/05
  • Senators Debate About Howard's Show. 11/10/05
  • Ralph Takes A Beating. 11/10/05
  • Dennis Rodman Visits. 11/10/05
  • George Takei Calls In. 11/10/05
  • A Few Minutes With Bong Hit Eric. 11/10/05
  • George Takei Feedback And More. 11/10/05
  • FCC Fines Coming Soon. 11/10/05
  • Howard's Upcoming Media Blitz. 11/10/05
  • Censoring Bitch. 11/10/05
  • Howard Pleasures Himself To Beth's Pics. 11/10/05
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday - Howard Returns From Suspension

Howard and the guys returned from their one day suspension this morning and got back to doing the show. Howard spent the first 20 minutes of the show playing music and not saying a word, but after that, he was back to talking about what went down with the suspension... and a bunch of other stuff. Read it all at today...
  • The Day After The Suspension... Various Songs. 11/09/05
  • Howard Talks About His Suspension. 11/09/05
  • Howard's Pottery Barn Furnished Office. 11/09/05
  • Howard's Problems With Ralph. 11/09/05
  • Various Stuff. 11/09/05
  • Geraldo Rivera Visits. 11/09/05
  • Howard's Complaints About Howard 100 News Report. 11/09/05
  • Terrell Owen Discussions And More. 11/09/05
  • Smokin' Joe Frazier Visits. 11/09/05
  • Retarded Karaoke. 11/09/05
  • Mad Russian To Be Deported. 11/09/05
  • Penn Jillette Making Waves Already? 11/09/05
  • Who's The Mole Inside The Stern Show? 11/09/05
  • Who Organized The Rally, Mariann Or High Pitch? 11/09/05
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tuesday - Best of Stern / Howard Suspended

Thanks to the fools at Infinity, Howard was suspended for one day and we were served up some classic Best of Stern clips. I don't know what Infinity was thinking by suspending Howard. If it's true that they suspended him for talking about his upcoming move to Sirius, they've just fueled the fire by suspending him because every news story about the suspension mentions that he's moving in January. Brilliant move Infinity! Maybe Howard should be thanking them for the publicity. Friggin idiots.

You can read more details about what they played during The Best of Stern today at

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Howard Suspended!

According to a news report on Howard 100 News (on Sirius satellite radio) Howard Stern has been suspended by Infinity Broadcasting for ONE DAY. They're saying that Stern was notified after today's show that he was being suspended for talking about his move to satellite radio too much. They're also saying that Stern was not willing to give Infinity any 'Best of Stern' tapes to play tomorrow morning while he's suspended. If you have Sirius, tune in now to hear any updates...

Monday's Show - 24 Live Shows Left

Howard still seems a bit confused about just how many live shows they have left. He said 24 at the start of the show but later said it was 25. One of these days he'll get it right. It's appears to be 24 shows AFTER today's, 25 including today's... Meanwhile, he was very busy on today's show interviewing 50 Cent and Simon Cowell. He also said goodbye to Las Vegas since his affiliate out there was dropping the show as of today. There were some other things going on and you can read about them at today...
  • 24 Live Shows Left. 11/07/05
  • Las Vegas Goodbye And Howard 100 Programming. 11/07/05
  • NY Post Article Discussed. 11/07/05
  • Family Guy Song Censored By Tom. 11/07/05
  • Goodbye Classic Stern Bit ''Inaccurate Writer.'' 11/07/05
  • New Cheerleaders For Howard 100? 11/07/05
  • Deer Killer Jeff The Drunk Calls In. 11/07/05
  • Howard 100 News Finds A Leak. 11/07/05
  • Sal And Richard's Weekend Hijinx. 11/07/05
  • 50 Cent Visits. 11/07/05
  • Simon Cowell Visits. 11/07/05
  • Howard Says Goodbye To Las Vegas. 11/07/05.
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Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday's Show - 25 or 26 Live Shows Left

Howard said today that he has 25 live shows left to do after today... but yesterday it was 27... so I don't know where that extra day went. Anyway, Howard tried to avoid talking about his current employer since so many fans wrote in and complained about yesterday's rant. He had a bunch of other stuff that kept him busy today. Lots of phone calls, audio clips and more. Read about it all at today.
  • Howard Apologizes For Yesterday's Tirade. 11/04/05
  • Elegant Elliot Offen Booted From His Apartment. 11/04/05
  • Howard's E-mail And More. 11/04/05
  • Censored Bits, Bobo Calls In And Other Stuff. 11/04/05
  • The Worst Of Best Of Stern. 11/04/05
  • Various News Stories. 11/04/05
  • Selling Radios On QVC? 11/04/05
  • JD Still Can't Get Laid. 11/04/05
  • What Will Jeff The Drunk Do For Money? 11/04/05
  • Helping Formerly Fat Lisa. 11/04/05
  • Beetlejuice High Low Game. 11/04/05
  • Las Vegas Goodbye Coming Too Soon. 11/04/05
  • Howard Retires Some Classic Sam Kinison Tapes. 11/04/05
  • David Spade Visits. 11/04/05
  • The Mike Walker Gossip Game. 11/04/05
  • Howard Fires Ralph... Kind Of. 11/04/05
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday's Show - 27 Live Shows Left

Howard has 27 live shows left but now his current employer is sending him legal letters about the comments he's making about Joel Hollander. Howard spent quite a bit of time talking about that during today's show. He also broke the news to King of All Blacks that he was canceling his Howard 100 show because the three shows he did this week were so bad. The great comedian Bob Levy sat in during Robin's news and got to hear a story about Gary biting his dental assistant. Read it all, and more, at today.
  • Infinity Threatening Howard With Legal Action. 11/03/05
  • A Few Minutes With Debbie Schlussel And Other Stuff. 11/03/05
  • King Of All Blacks Howard 100 Show Canceled, King Cries. 11/03/05
  • James Brown Bits. 11/03/05
  • Howard's Childhood Audio Tapes: Batman And Robin. 11/03/05
  • Karaoke, Transsexuals And More. 11/03/05
  • Infinity Stations Screwing Up Howard's Show. 11/03/05
  • Baba Booey Bites His Dental Assistant / Bob Levy Sits In. 11/03/05
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday's Show - 28 Live Shows Left.

There are only 28 live shows left before Howard leaves for satellite. A bunch of people will be coming in over the next few weeks to say goodbye to Howard. Today he had Jon Stewart, Lawrence Taylor and Yucko the Clown in for their final appearances on his terrestrial radio show. You can read about that and this other friggin stuff at today.
  • 26 Delay Hits During Yesterday's Show. 11/02/05
  • Las Vegas Affiliate Thanks Howard. 11/02/05
  • High Pitch Eric's Craptacular Update. 11/02/05
  • King Of All Blacks Second Show Review. 11/02/05
  • High Pitch Eric Calls In About His Craptacular Show. 11/02/05
  • Comedian Jon Stewart Visits. 11/02/05
  • Ex-Football Great Lawrence Taylor Visits. 11/02/05
  • Yucko The Clown Visits. 11/02/05
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday's Show - 29 Live Shows Left

It was another busy day on the show with tons of stuff going on. Howard had a lot of complaints about his current employer and the way they're treating him in these final days of his show. He also had Elegant Elliot Offen and James Brown on the show today. Eric the Midget had to apologize for leaving a voice mail for Howard where he called him some names. Meanwhile, High Pitch Eric was busy eating and crapping while on the air at Howard 100 on Sirius satellite radio today. Read all of that and more on today...
  • Howard Almost Cries For 60 Minutes. 11/01/05
  • Howard Goes Off On Infinity Broadcasting. 11/01/05
  • Howard Sticks Around, Doesn't Go Home Early. 11/01/05
  • High Pitch's 24 Hour Craptacular On Howard 100. 11/01/05
  • King Of All Blacks Howard 100 Show Reviewed. 11/01/05
  • Dunk Tank Or Knock Out Gas For Robin? 11/01/05
  • Various Calls, Clips And More. 11/01/05
  • Elegant Elliot Offen Visits And Annoys. 11/01/05
  • High Pitch Craptacular Updates From Jeff The Drunk. 11/01/05
  • Eric The Angry Midget Calls In. 11/01/05
  • High Pitch Eric's Dog Growls While Sitting On His Lap. 11/01/05
  • James Brown And His Wife Tommi Rae Visit. 11/01/05
  • More High Pitch Craptacular Updates. 11/01/05
  • What's That Smell? 11/01/05
  • High Pitch Eric Calls In. 11/01/05
  • 60 Minutes Interview Air Date? 11/01/05
  • Howard Talks To Heidi Cortez About Howard 100 Show. 11/01/05
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