Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday's Show - 30 Live Shows Left!

Howard was busy talking about the many ideas he has for his upcoming move to Sirius satellite radio in just over 2 months. He has tons of shows in the works and talked about a few of the ideas he has for his Wack Packers. There was a lot more going on as well so read about it at today.
  • Howard's Weekend Working On New Shows. 10/24/05
  • Jeff The Drunk Calls In. 10/24/05
  • Sam Simon Reviews Jackie The Joke Man Roasting Abilities. 10/24/05
  • Gay Takei. 10/24/05
  • Howard's SIRIUS Publicity. 10/24/05
  • Clear Channel's Confidential Document Not Confidential Anymore. 10/24/05
  • More Strange Sal And Richard Stories. 10/24/05
  • Clif Pallette Calls In. 10/24/05
  • Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Visits. 10/24/05
  • No Goodbye Celebration For Howard. 10/24/05
  • King Of All Blacks Ready For Howard 100 Show. 10/24/05
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Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday's Show

Howard had Beetlejuice on for a short interview and Denise Rich on for a nice long interview... just the opposite of what should have happened. Anyway, there were a bunch of other things going on today and you can read them on today...

  • Howard 100 Discussions. 10/28/05
  • Sal The Stockbroker's Breakdown. 10/28/05
  • Will 60 Minutes Interview Blast Howard? Probably. 10/28/05
  • Shuli's Joey Boots And Irish John Confrontation. 10/28/05
  • The Ben And Ray Stern Show Discussed. 10/28/05
  • Show Censoring Discussions. 10/28/05
  • Gary Garver Interviews Dana Carvey. 10/28/05
  • Beetlejuice Visits. 10/28/05
  • Song Writer Denise Rich Visits. 10/28/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 10/28/05
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday's Show - Meet The Christys

Howard had a 60 Minutes camera crew sitting in the studio all morning. He had a few guests like Richard Christy's parents and comedian Paul Mooney. They also talked about how their Las Vegas affiliate is dropping them after November 7th.
  • 60 Minutes Crew In Howard's Studio. 10/27/05
  • Howard 100 News And Sour Shoes. 10/27/05
  • Howard Off Ambien And Other Various Discussions. 10/27/05
  • Las Vegas Affiliate Dropping Howard November 7th. 10/27/05
  • 60 Minutes Interview A Bad Idea? 10/27/05
  • Richard Christy's Parents Visit The Big City. 10/27/05
  • More Las Vegas Affiliate News. 10/27/05
  • Comedian Paul Mooney Visits. 10/27/05
  • Howard's Nice Eyes. 10/27/05
  • Howard's Parents On Howard 100 Tonight At 7pm. 10/27/05
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday's Show - Infinity Aftermath

Howard and the guys spent quite a bit of time talking about the aftermath of the changes that Infinity Broadcasting announced yesterday. Howard also had a guest come in to play 'What's My Secret' which went over pretty well. You can read all of the details about that and more at today...
  • Infinity Screwing Howard And Hundreds Of Others. 10/26/05
  • Howard Reviews Angry Black's SIRIUS Show. 10/26/05
  • Kidd Chris Checks In. 10/26/05
  • Retards Discussing Rosa Parks. 10/26/05
  • What's Lisa's Secret? 10/26/05
  • High Pitch Eric's Show Rescheduled. 10/26/05
  • Various Radio And TV Discussions. 10/26/05
  • Jeff The Drunk Wants A Radio Show. 10/26/05
  • Lunch With Howard And Artie. 10/26/05
  • Mariann From Brooklyn Pissed At Joel Hollander. 10/26/05
  • Robin's TV Show Postponed Until 2007. 10/26/05
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday's Show - Roth To Replace Stern

It was a very busy and eventful show today. We learned that Infinity Broadcasting is changing formats on many of their Howard Stern affiliate stations come 2006. David Lee Roth even made an appearance on the show to announce that he'll be replacing Howard in a few markets on the East Coast and Dallas. Read it all at now!

  • Howard 100 News - No High Pitch Poop At SIRIUS. 10/25/05
  • Double A Gets An A. 10/25/05
  • Riley Martin, Friend To The Aliens, Calls In. 10/25/05
  • Howard On Rosa Parks. 10/25/05
  • Dr. Elmo Discussed. 10/25/05
  • It's Official, David Lee Roth Replacing Howard. 10/25/05
  • The David Lee Roth Aftermath. 10/25/05
  • Jay Leno Interview Replay. 10/25/05
  • Howard's Parents On Howard 100 Thursday. 10/25/05
  • Gilbert Gottfried Visits. 10/25/05
  • Infinity Shakeup Upsets K-Rock Jocks. 10/25/05
  • Howard Thanks Steven Singer Jewelers For Their Support. 10/25/05 was updated and running correctly as of about 10:50am.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday's Show - Is The End Near?

Howard mentioned today that he heard a rumor that he may be taken off the air, at least in a couple of markets, as early as tomorrow. He said it's even possible that he'll be taken off in every market tomorrow morning. That was the big news this morning but there were a bunch of other things going on today. William Shatner visited while some '60 Minutes' reporters sat in. They were there doing a report about Howard.

You can read about all of this crap today on
  • Gary Garver Interviews James Garner And Jay Leno. 10/24/05
  • Ronnie's Scores Party Discussed. 10/24/05
  • Self Experimentation Good. 10/24/05
  • Howard Off The Air By Tomorrow? 10/24/05
  • William Shatner Visits. 10/24/05
  • Howard 100 Updates. 10/24/05
  • Scores Funny Money Spent Too Fast. 10/24/05
  • Sal And Richard Sleep Together Again. 10/24/05
  • Tom Chiusano Refuses To Confirm Or Deny Rumors. 10/24/05
  • Going Nuts In The White House. 10/24/05
  • Will The Farter Checks In. 10/24/05
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday's Show

Howard had a lot of time killers today. He didn't have any guests booked for the show so he filled it up with various audio clips, e-mail, phone calls and stuff like that. Artie also told a story about a whore he used to date before he started working on Howard's show.

Here's some of the friggin stuff you can read about on today's report...
  • Another Artie Lange Whore Story. 10/21/05
  • Wendy The Retard On Howard 100 Update. 10/21/05
  • More Wendy The Retard Audio Clips From Howard 100. 10/21/05
  • Big Fan, Can't Afford SIRIUS. 10/21/05
  • E-mail, Phone Calls And More. 10/21/05
  • Scores Party Update. 10/21/05
  • Howard 100 discussions And Audio Clips. 10/21/05
  • The Final Weeks Of The Howard Stern Show. 10/21/05
  • Sal And Richard Fighting Because Of Another Man. 10/21/05
  • Jack FM Meet Jack-Off FM. 10/21/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 10/21/05
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Stage Fright

Sometimes I hate myself. Today I got a call from Shuli, who's doing some reporting for Howard 100 News, for a sound byte about what I thought about last night's first newscast. I froze up and didn't know what to say. All he wanted was 10-15 seconds about what I thought about the first newscast on Howard 100. Duh, I don't know, uhhhh, errr, uhhhh... I really didn't know what to say other than I thought that the interviews with the Wack Packers were pretty funny. I froze up like a douche and had no idea what else to say. I had heard the Jackie the Joke Man interviews with Bubba and thought they were great... but i didn't even think to comment on that. Friggin idiot that I am.

Anyway, if you tune in to Howard 100 News tonight between 6PM and 7PM Eastern time, you may, or may not, hear my lame sound byte.

Thursday's Show - Howard 100, Stevie Wonder, James Woods...

What a full friggin show today was! Howard talked about his new news team at Howard 100 on SIRIUS. Stevie Wonder visited and played a ton of songs for them live in the studio. James Woods came in and gave the guys some relationship advice. All of that filled up four hours of radio no problem... Read it all on today.
  • Howard 100 News Goes Live. 10/20/05
  • Howard Tickling The Ivories. 10/20/05
  • Stevie Wonder Performs Live. 10/20/05
  • More Jackie The Joke Man Quotes From Howard 100 News. 10/20/05
  • James Woods Visits. 10/20/05
  • Wendy The Retard Update From Jeff The Drunk. 10/20/05
  • Joan Rivers Freaks Out. 10/20/05
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Howard 100 Live... No Really, It's Live!

I was alerted to the fact that Howard's SIRIUS radio station(s) Howard 100 and 101 are now broadcasting a regular signal! No more dead friggin air! As I'm writing this, I'm listening to Howard 100 news which is news about everything Howard. They're reporting on what's been going on with the radio show, what's going on with his SIRIUS channels and playing Wack Packer auditions! Tune in if you've got your friggin tuner!

Wednesday's Show

Howard had some fun talking to Beetlejuice on the phone this morning. Beet was drunk and getting laid down in Florida as he was talking to him. Bill Romanowski came in and talked about his days in the NFL. Richard Christy also played a game of Stump the Perv against a woman who ended up beating him.

Here's what I wrote about today on
  • Howard's In Demand Show Tour. 10/19/05
  • Beetlejuice Getting Laid. 10/19/05
  • Upsetting Wack Packers. 10/19/05
  • Horrible Jack Format Discussed And Goofed On. 10/19/05
  • A Little More Jack FM. 10/19/05
  • Mike Walker Retraction Demanded. 10/19/05
  • Stump The Perv With Maya And Richard Christy. 10/19/05
  • Bill Romanowski And His Wife Visit. 10/19/05
  • Phone Calls And High Pitch Crap Talk. 10/19/05
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday's Show - Crackhead Bob And Doody Talk

Howard and the guys had a lot of discussions about doody today. They're planning the High Pitch Eric doody day that will be happening on Howard's SIRIUS channel next week. They took bets and talked to Dr. Doody about how much doody he thinks Eric will actually 'create' during his 24 hours on the air. Howard also talked about Jackie the Joke Man for a few minutes since he recently resurfaced on Jim Breuer's SIRIUS radio show. Not only that but Crackhead Bob returned to the show after avoiding it for about 4 years.

Here's the list of other things you can read about today on
  • Psychic Scammers. 10/18/05
  • Jackie The Joke Man On SIRIUS. 10/18/05
  • Charlie Rocket Suicide. 10/18/05
  • Artie's Movie Experiences. 10/18/05
  • Mystery Guest - Crackhead Bob! 10/18/05
  • Dr. Doody's Estimates For High Pitch Eric's Doody Day. 10/18/05
  • Sports Talk With Gary And Artie. 10/18/05
  • Top 5 Moments From COPS. 10/18/05
  • Jack Format Fails. 10/18/05
  • Artie's Arrest Record. 10/18/05
  • More High Pitch Eric Discussions. 10/18/05
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday's Show - Lots of SIRIUS talk

Howard and the guys had a lot of discussions about the things they're planning to do over at SIRIUS over the next couple of weeks. Howard has gotten tired of hearing silence on his two SIRIUS channels (100 and 101) so he's going to start putting more stuff on. You can read more about that and a bunch of other stuff that went on during today's show on today.

Here's today's list...
  • Double A's Dream Job. 10/17/05
  • Vinnie Favale A Huge Weezer Fan And More SIRIUS Talk. 10/17/05
  • What If Howard Was Retiring, Would Things Be Different? 10/17/05
  • Sal And Richard's Weird And Wacky Adventures. 10/17/05
  • Special Guest Postponed Again. 10/17/05
  • More SIRIUS Shows Planned. 10/17/05
  • Gary The Retard Comedy. 10/17/05
  • High Pitch Gets His SIRIUS Show - 24 Hours Of Eating And Crapping. 10/17/05
  • Weezer Performs Live In Howard's Studio. 10/17/05
  • Weezer Discussions And Howard's E-mail. 10/17/05
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Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday's Show

It was another busy day today. Howard was all charged up after having a big meeting about his plans for SIRIUS the day before. There weren't any big guests on the show but Howard filled the show talking about a ton of various things. They also had Bubba the Love Sponge on the show to talk about getting kicked off a SIRIUS channel yesterday.

Here's today's list of subjects that you can read about at today...
  • Howard's Lack Of Sleep Because Of SIRIUS. 10/14/05
  • Quick Crackhead Bob Game. 10/14/05
  • Howard TV Reviews. 10/14/05
  • A Few Minutes With Clif Palette. 10/14/05
  • Howard's Replacements And Other Various Stuff. 10/14/05
  • FCC Stories And Howard Stern In The News. 10/14/05
  • Preparing For Billy Gibbons Appearance. 10/14/05
  • Artie's Birthday Dinner. 10/14/05
  • Bubba The Love Sponge Visits. 10/14/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 10/14/05
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

How To Fill Your House With SIRIUS For Under $200

I've written a review of an FM Transmitter that allows you to fill your whole house with an audio signal from your SIRIUS tuner (or any other audio source) for under $200. If you only have one SIRIUS tuner but you want to be able to listen to it around your whole house, or property, check out my write up at

Thursday - The Best of Stern.

Yes, Howard and the crew were off for another vacation day, this time it was for Yom Kippur. So anyway, it was another day of The Best of Stern. They played some funny classic bits featuring Crackhead Bob that brought back memories for this 17 year listener. Bob no longer appears on the show because of his family having a problem with it. It's too bad, he was great on the show.

You can read about today's Best of Stern at
  • ''Booey Maguire'' song parody.
  • Mr. Rogers ''Things we can do with our hands'' bit.
  • Just How Pussy-Whipped Is Gary?
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus Calls In.
  • Rev. Bob Levy's Staff Revelation (Artie pig story).
  • Artie And Howard's Tribute To AC/DC.
  • AC/DC Performs Live In The Studio.
  • Dame Dat Dune (Name That Tune) With Crackhead Bob.
  • Florence Laudoyer The Raelian Calls In.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday's Show.

There was a lot of nothing going on today. No big guests, just a lot of different segments about many different things. Sal came up with an idea for Howard's SIRIUS 100 channel that they may use starting next week. They want to take Wendy the Retard and just let her do her thing on air for 24 hours. Check that and all of the other nonsense out at today...

  • No Special Goodbye For Philly. 10/12/05
  • Nice Words For Gary. 10/12/05
  • Baseball Talk And Relationship Discussions. 10/12/05
  • SIRIUS Energy. 10/12/05
  • Nuno's Latest SIRIUS Job - Wendy's Room. 10/12/05
  • Shuli's Tommy Lasorda Interview. 10/12/05
  • Wendy The Retard Calls In. 10/12/05
  • Reduce The Smell Of Your Movements? 10/12/05
  • Clif Pallete Performing Bon Jovi Songs. 10/12/05
  • Howard's Heineken Taping. 10/12/05
  • Various Audio Clips. 10/12/05
  • More MySpace Accounts And Top 5 Songs. 10/12/05

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday's Show - Back Live

Howard and the guys were back after a three day weekend. They had Kidd Chris stop by and Hugh Hefner call in during the show today. There were a bunch of other things going on today that are worth checking out. The list is below.

Here's what you can read about at today...
  • Various Stuff. 10/11/05
  • Howard Talks To Program Director Tim Sabean. 10/11/05
  • Artie At The Yankee Game. 10/11/05
  • Dizzy Tom Chiusano Update. 10/11/05
  • Gary Over Sleeps, Very Late For Work. 10/11/05
  • Sal's Marriage Discussed. 10/11/05
  • Richard Christy's Father's Voice Mail. 10/11/05
  • Tech Talk With Scott And Tony. 10/11/05
  • Gary's Oversleeping Non-Story And Various Voice Mail. 10/11/05
  • Packing Some Bits For The Move To Satellite. 10/11/05
  • JD's Movie Deal With Howard. 10/11/05
  • Kidd Chris Visits. 10/11/05
  • Hugh Hefner Calls In. 10/11/05
  • More Kidd Chris And Kenneth Keith Kallenbach. 10/11/05
  • Artie's Weekend Of Food And Kidd Chris' Midget Molester. 10/11/05
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday - The Best Of Stern

Howard and the guys took off a day for the Columbus Day holiday today. They should be back live tomorrow. Meanwhile, we heard a bunch of reruns on The Best of Stern.

You can read about today's reruns on :
  • The Best Of Stern. 10/10/05
  • Jack and Rod Show phony phone call.
  • The Gossip Game With Guest Steve O.
  • Gary's Lost Video Tape.
  • Howard Talks To Richard Simmons About 800 Pound Man.
  • David Lee Roth As A DJ.
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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Coming Soon - Fill Your Home with Satellite Radio For Under $200

In the coming weeks I'll be writing up a How-To about spreading your single satellite radio signal around your whole friggin house for under $200 (not including the cost of a satellite tuner). Stay tuned...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday's Show

There was a lot of stuff going on during today's show. Captain Jank's latest prank call was pretty friggin funny. Chuck Zito had some great fight stories to tell. Virgin JD Harmeyer was the subject of ridicule this morning and that was pretty entertaining as well. You can read that and a lot more on my friggin dot com today.

Here's the list of stuff I wrote about today on

  • Enjoying Train's Musical Performances. 10/07/05
  • Howard 100 Farting Feedback. 10/07/05
  • Howard's Mail Bag. 10/07/05
  • Howard's Live Commercials Causing Problems. 10/07/05
  • Captain Janks' Latest Prank. 10/07/05
  • Yucko The Canceled Clown. 10/07/05
  • Phone Calls And Phony Phone Calls. 10/07/05
  • Chuck Zito Visits. 10/07/05
  • Real Sports Audio Clips. 10/07/05
  • Is JD Finally Going To Get Laid? 10/07/05
  • Noah Blake Calls In. 10/07/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 10/07/05
  • Tom Chiusano Returns To Work. 10/07/05

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Chiusano Update

I realized that I left out an important update from today's write-up. Late in the show Howard a caller had asked what was going on with Tom Chiusano since he was hospitalized earlier this week. Gary let Howard know that Tom was home and that the doctors think he has a viral infection that's effecting Tom's inner ear and that's why he's experiencing dizziness. Gary also said that Tom was still having trouble walking because of the dizziness. I'll update my daily highlights later with this information.

Howard 100 Live Farting Starts.

Howard's channel 100 at SIRIUS satellite radio featured a full day of farting starting this morning. Howard was not allowed by Infinity Broadcasting to play any of the farting on his terrestrial radio show this morning so he could only talk about what was going on without hearing the audio. I was able to listen to both as it was going on and the farting was actually very funny. There wasn't much talking going on, just Junior the Farter blasting away for hours and hours.

There's more to read about from today's show at
  • SIRIUS Farting With Junior And Nunno. 10/06/05
  • More Farting Discussions. 10/06/05
  • Even More Farting Discussions. 10/06/05
  • Scores Girl Game And More. 10/06/05
  • Aiko Tanaka Looking For Husband. 10/06/05
  • Sal's Wacky Behavior Discussed. 10/06/05
  • Kevin Bacon Visits. 10/06/05
  • Howard 100 Updates And More. 10/06/05
  • Scores Girl Game Part 2. 10/06/05
  • Junior Still Farting 3.5 Hours Later. 10/06/05
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday's Show - Howard Back Live

Howard was back live after taking one day off for Rosh Hashanah. There was plenty going on with Riley Martin calling in, two women competing for breast implants and model Victoria Zdrok visiting. There's a lot more to read bout today at here's the list:

  • Scott The Engineer Drains The Life Out. 10/05/05
  • Sal And Dan Under Fire. 10/05/05
  • SIRIUS Discussions. 10/05/05
  • Riley Martin Talks About New Orleans. 10/05/05
  • Various Phone Calls. 10/05/05
  • Howard's Mail Bag. 10/05/05
  • Natalie And Karina Compete For Breast Implants. 10/05/05
  • Various Stuff. 10/05/05
  • Who Will Roast Howard Stern On January 9th? 10/05/05
  • Penthouse Model Victoria Zdrok Visits. 10/05/05
  • Farting On SIRIUS Will Not Be Heard on WXRK. 10/05/05
  • Ralph's Germany Trip Discussed. 10/05/05
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday's Show - Best Of Stern.

Howard and the guys took a vacation day today for the Rosh Hashanah holiday. We had some reruns to listen to while we wait for them to return live tomorrow.

You can read about the classic bits they played on today's show at today.
  • The Best Of Stern. 10/04/05
  • Fred the Elephant Boy and Quentin the Stutterer sing Kumbaya.
  • Jack and Rod $5 million contest prank call.
  • Dr. Amy Calls In.
  • James Brown Comes In.
  • Stuttering John Returns After 3 Week ''Vacation.''
  • Howard Talks To Fred About Cookie Puss Gift.
  • Crazy Rhonda Talks ABout Her Evil Posession.
  • Possessed Rhonda Calls Back.
  • Suge Knight Comes In.
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Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday's Show - Chiusano Hospitalized

General manager Tom Chiusano was hospitalized yesterday after getting very ill on a golf course he was playing. Howard spoke to Chiusano who was in a cardiac unit of a local hospital but Chiusano sounded like he was in good spirits even though he was still dizzy from whatever it was he was suffering from. Howard also spoke to Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry who are currently starring on the reality series My Fair Brady.

There's even more to read about at today. Here's the list:
  • Howard's Weekend Discussed. 10/03/05
  • Painting The Studio? 10/03/05
  • Robin's Weekend With The Girls. 10/03/05
  • Howard's Mail And More. 10/03/05
  • SIRIUS Farters And Ronnie's (Lack Of) Security Skills. 10/03/05
  • Christopher Knight And Adrianne Curry Visit. 10/03/05
  • Howard's Old Tapes Discussed. 10/03/05
  • Various Voice Mail. 10/03/05
  • Tom Chiusano On The Phone From The Hospital. 10/03/05
  • Rapper Paul Wall Visits. 10/03/05
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