Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday's Show

Howard started packing up some old tapes and stuff to take with him to SIRIUS. Unfortunately, they can't take everything so they'll be bulk erasing a lot of the tapes they have. Howard said they'll be going through more of that classic stuff next week.

There was a lot of other stuff going on today and you read it all over at Here's the list of other friggin crap you can read about today...
  • Sleepless Because Of SIRIUS. 09/30/05
  • Farters Coming Soon - To Howard 100. 09/30/05
  • Great Pam Anderson Book. 09/30/05
  • Packing Begins. 09/30/05
  • TV Show Discussions. 09/30/05
  • Goodbye Classic Stern Tapes. 09/30/05
  • Brandi Love Keeps Her Kid. 09/30/05
  • Various Stuff. 09/30/05
  • Retarded Prank Call And McCartney Discussions. 09/30/05
  • Crazy Val's Poem Great For Laughs. 09/30/05
  • Comedian Greg Giraldo Visits. 09/30/05
  • The Mike Walker Gossip Game. 09/30/05
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday's Show

Howard's two SIRIUS channels went live this morning so that led to a brainstorming segment when a caller suggested Howard put one long fart on the air instead of the dead silence they have on his channels this morning. Now Howard has plans to have live farting going on 24 hours a day for a few days. Other fun things today included Beetlejuice's visit and comedian Earthquake's visit.

You can read about even more at today. Here are some of those things...

  • 49 Broadcasting Days Left. 09/29/05
  • Howard's SIRIUS 100 And 101 Go Live. 09/29/05
  • William Bennet Audio Clip Real Or Fake? 09/29/05
  • Beetlejuice Visits. 09/29/05
  • More Fart Talk For Howard Stern 100. 09/29/05
  • BET Comedy Award Audio Clips. 09/29/05
  • Looking For Mr. Right. 09/29/05
  • Comedian Nathaniel ''Earthquake'' Stroman Visits. 09/29/05
  • ''Right The Wrong'' And Farting Update. 09/29/05
  • iPod Discussions. 09/29/05
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday's Show

Some of the good stuff from today's show... Craig Gass stopped by with the DNA covered shirt that Sal had left behind at the hotel over the weekend. Craig filled us in on some other stuff about Sal that was kind of interesting. Jim Florentine sat in for Robin's news and had made a new prank call to Gary the Retard that was pretty friggin funny. Howard gave some advice to a woman who called in and asked him what she should do about her separation from her husband.

You can read about that stuff and more at today...
  • Jethro Tull And Satellite Radio Discussions. 09/28/05
  • Melrose Larry Green Calls In. 09/28/05
  • Sports Talk With Baba Booey. 09/28/05
  • Boink Magazine's Alecia Oleyourryk Calls In. 09/28/05
  • Too Talkative Chicks. 09/28/05
  • ''Right The Wrong'' Contest Updates. 09/28/05
  • Howard Wants An iPod Nano. 09/28/05
  • Don't Ask Howard For Relationship Advice. 09/28/05
  • Comedians Jim Florentine And Craig Gass Visits. 09/28/05
  • Various Stuff. 09/28/05
  • Booker A Stern Clone? 09/28/05
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday's Show

Howard had some fun with body builder Lou Ferrigno today when he called in. He was muttering over the phone so Lou couldn't hear him since he's hard of hearing. Howard also had Fred the Elephant Boy, Clif palette and John the Stutterer call in to ask questions that Lou couldn't understand. There's more on that and other stories available on today. Here's a list of some of that other stuff...
  • Unassuming Station Employees. 09/27/05
  • Joel Hollendar's Comments On Howard And Satellite. 09/27/05
  • Jets, Levees And Tazers. 09/27/05
  • Trump Baby And Fiona Apple Discussions. 09/27/05
  • Lou Ferrigno Calls In. 09/27/05
  • John O'Hurley And Don Adams Discussions. 09/27/05
  • Blue Iris And PJ The Comedian's Bathroom Encounter. 09/27/05
  • Sal's Jizz Shirt, Richard Christy's Father And More. 09/27/05
  • Adult Film Star Savanna Samson Visits. 09/27/05
  • Phone Calls, ''Right The Wrong'' Contest, Puking Wendy And More. 09/27/05
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday's Show

Fred was back to work today after missing a couple of days last week due to the death of his dad. Comedian George Lopez was on the show to promote the season premiere of his TV show. Sal the Stockbroker told another disturbing sex story. Richard Christy told some stories about his family back home in Kansas after Howard played a voice mail that Richard's father left for him.

There's more to read at today, here's what you can read about...

  • Fred Returns. 09/26/05
  • Getting Ready For SIRIUS And Richard's Date Failure. 09/26/05
  • Scores Las Vegas Discussions. 09/26/05
  • More Scores Stories. 09/26/05
  • What's Up With Demi, Ashton And Bruce? 09/26/05
  • Comedian George Lopez Visits. 09/26/05
  • Another Disturbing Sex Story From Sal The Stockbroker. 09/26/05
  • Richard Christy Family Stories. 09/26/05
  • Scores Las Vegas Press Conference Audio Clips. 09/26/05
  • Doug Goodstein Back To Work On Howard's TV Show. 09/26/05
  • Limo Driver Tip Discussions And More. 09/26/05
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Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday's Show

Howard didn't have many guests today so he spent a lot of time playing audio clips and reviewing some other stuff they did this week.

Here's what went on during today's Howard Stern Show. You can read about it at
  • Avoiding Mariann From Brooklyn. 09/23/05
  • Douche 100, Larry King And More. 09/23/05
  • Scores Las Vegas, E-mail And Fred's Father's Death. 09/23/05
  • Goofing On Melissa Rivers, Top 5 Songs, And More. 09/23/05
  • Sal's Inappropriate Behavior. 09/23/05
  • Various Phone Calls. 09/23/05
  • Howard's Replacements And TV Discussions. 09/23/05
  • Various Audio Clips. 09/23/05
  • Big Black Checks In. 09/23/05
  • Richard Christy's Second Chance At Getting Laid. 09/23/05
  • The Gossip Game With Guest Mariann From Brooklyn. 09/23/05
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday's Show - Trump, McCarthy And Spade

Jenny McCarthy appeared on the Howard Stern show today and got tickled for most of her interview. Howard seemed to have a lot of fun with her today. There was also an interesting call from Beetlejuice's manager Sean who has some problems dealing with Gary. He also wanted to straighten out something that was said about him only offering a 5% stake in the Beetlejuice Song sales if Staind ever gets that out. Donald Trump called in and had some interesting things to talk about. David Spade also called in to promote his new TV show.

Here are the other things you can read about today at
  • Sal Fills In For Fred. 09/22/05
  • Jenny McCarthy Movie Review. 09/22/05
  • Various Phone Calls And More. 09/22/05
  • Donald Trump Calls In. 09/22/05
  • Beetlejuice's Manager Sean Straightens Things Out. 09/22/05
  • Jenny McCarthy Gets Tickled. 09/22/05
  • David Spade Calls In. 09/22/05
  • Comedian Craig Gass Sits In. 09/22/05
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday's Show - John Bon Jovi

Howard treated us to a couple of great performances from John Bon Jovi and a band that he's been playing acoustically with lately. They did a couple of great covers of a couple of Beatles songs. There were some other fun discussions on the show today about Sal the Stockbroker's wife and how bad she treats him as well as a phone call from Howard's mother who argued with Howard about what he thinks about Oprah Winfrey.

Here are some of the other things you can read about on today...

  • Howard's SIRIUS Move Discussed. 09/21/05
  • 54 Work Days Left For Howard. 09/21/05
  • Whores For Rick The Lottery Winner. 09/21/05
  • Rappin Granny Prank Call And A Goodbye To Simon Wiesenthal. 09/21/05
  • Tyra Banks Crying Audio Clips. 09/21/05
  • For Sale - Stolen Electronics From New Orleans? 09/21/05
  • Howard's Mother On Oprah's Hermes Problem. 09/21/05
  • Howard's E-mail And More Tom Chiusano Discussions. 09/21/05
  • Sal Hits The Booths. 09/21/05
  • John Bon Jovi Performs Live. 09/21/05
  • Shane Barbi And Jennifer Pryor Call In. 09/21/05
  • Robin's New Hybrid SUV. 09/21/05
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday's Show

There weren't a lot of big guests on the show today but there was a pretty interesting discussion about Howard's station cutting the commissions for their sales team because they were making too much money. Fruity Nutcake the Rappin' Granny stopped by to reenact some adult film scenes (yuck) and Jon Hein from called in to talk about the new fall season.

Here's the rest of what's on today...

  • Various Stuff. 09/20/05
  • K-Rock Commissions Slashed, Sales Department Pissed. 09/20/05
  • Lizzie Grubman's Vagine. 09/20/05
  • Richard Christy Too Gay For Brian Phelan. 09/20/05
  • Beetlejuice Song Controversy. 09/20/05
  • Dr. Eve Ognibene Talks About Saving Pets From New Orleans. 09/20/05
  • Howard's E-mail And Various Audio Clips. 09/20/05
  • Fruity Nutcake The Rappin' Granny Visits. 09/20/05
  • Oprah Winfrey Audio Clips. 09/20/05
  • Government Failures Ignored. 09/20/05
  • Jon Hein From Calls In. 09/20/05
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday - Artie Drinks Again!

After 93 days of being sober, Artie Lange is back to drinking. Howard found this out first thing this morning. Artie did a comedy show over the weekend so he prepared for that by having 2 Jack and waters on Friday night at dinner with his girlfriend Dana. Then he had four beers at the comedy show the night after. More details are in today's write up. Blues Traveler also stopped by and performed a live version of The Beetlejuice Song while Beet sat in and listened.

You can read about that stuff and more at today. Here are some of the other things that went on today...
  • Artie Back To Drinking After 93 Days Sober! 09/19/05
  • Beetlejuice Song Updates. 09/19/05
  • A Few Minutes With Eric The Midget. 09/19/05
  • Emmy Awards Review. 09/19/05
  • Stump The Perv With Chad And Richard Christy. 09/19/05
  • Blues Traveler Performs The Beetlejuice Song. 09/19/05
  • Will's Drinking Out Of Control? 09/19/05
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Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday's Show - Artie Cracking Again

Something has been bothering Artie all this week and he won't admit to whatever it is. Some people think he's back to drinking or something but he swears he's not. Today he was showing signs of cracking again and it seems as if he may be stressed out about a comedy gig he has this weekend. It's made for some funny radio but Artie sounds like he's not happy and could leave the show at any moment.

Here's the rest of what you can read about at today...
  • Artie Not Happy With ''Jack Daniels'' Voice Mail. 09/16/05
  • SIRIUS Predictions. 09/16/05
  • Richard Meets The Cowboy From The Village People. 09/16/05
  • Various Audio Clips. 09/16/05
  • Win Fred's Money. 09/16/05
  • Pet Discussions. 09/16/05
  • School Discussions. 09/16/05
  • Renee Zellweger's Marriage Ends / Tabitha Gets New Cheeks. 09/16/05
  • The Jack And Rod Show Strikes Again. 09/16/05
  • The Crying Game. 09/16/05
  • The Gossip Game With Guest Greg Fitzsimmons. 09/16/05
  • More With Greg Fitzsimmons. 09/16/05
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday's Show - Danny Bonaduce

Wow! Danny Bonaduce has a lot of friggin energy. The guy sounds like he's completely out of his mind and that makes for some good radio. Bonaduce and his wife Gretchen visited with Howard for about 45 minutes and talked about their crazy reality TV show that airs on VH1.

Here's the rest of what you can read about on today...

  • Studio Changes And Artie's Strained Voice. 09/15/05
  • Final Show Discussions. 09/15/05
  • Boston University, Artie's Sleepless Night And More. 09/15/05
  • Britney Spears Baby Discussions. 09/15/05
  • Retard Of The Week. 09/15/05
  • WBZX Audio From The Day After Axing Howard's Show. 09/15/05
  • Richard Cohen - Coming Out Straight. 09/15/05
  • Danny And Gretchen Bonaduce Visit. 09/15/05
  • Visiting Cabbie And Other Stuff. 09/15/05
  • Carlin Badmouthing Howard? 09/15/05
  • What's Really Wrong With Artie? 09/15/05
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday's Show - Bubba The Love Sponge

Howard Stern has hired Bubba the Love Sponge, a former competitor of his, to work with him over at SIRIUS because he believes he was treated so poorly by Clear Channel. Bubba was on the show to talk about his new job this morning. There was also some controversy over a story that Artie was telling earlier in the show after Tom Chiusano hit the delay button so many times that they almost ran out of delay.

Here's the rest of what you can read about today at

  • Howard's Late Night Out. 09/14/05
  • Danny Bonaduce Discussions. 09/14/05
  • Douche 100 Bumpers And More. 09/14/05
  • Various Stuff. 09/14/05
  • Marshall Fine Calls In. 09/14/05
  • Prank Call To Eric The Midget. 09/14/05
  • Howard's E-mail. 09/14/05
  • Bubba The Love Sponge Visits. 09/14/05
  • Howard ''Gets'' Eminem Now. 09/14/05
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday's Show - Tommy Lee and Gavin Rossdale

Howard had a couple of musical guests on the show including Tommy Lee and Gavin Rossdale... but the really interesting guest was mountain climber Aron Ralston who wrote a book about being stuck on a mountain for 6 days and having to cut his own hand off to escape. He told the story about having to break his own bones to be able to cut his hand off. Ouch!

Here's the rest of what you can read about today at

  • Earthquake Comedy Clips Replayed. 09/13/05
  • Payola Discussions. 09/13/05
  • Reality TV Discussions. 09/13/05
  • Shuli's Radio Show on Howard's SIRIUS Channel? 09/13/05
  • Tyra Banks Discussions. 09/13/05
  • Mountain Climber Aron Ralston's Lost Arm. 09/13/05
  • Tommy Lee Calls In. 09/13/05
  • Gavin Rossdale Visits. 09/13/05
  • Staind To Release Their Cover Of The Beetlejuice Song! 09/13/05
  • Howard Reviews The New Queen Album. 09/13/05
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday's Show - Elephant Boy's Soiled Pants

I was laughing my ass off this morning as Fred the Elephant Boy and Gary were telling a story about Fred soiling his pants as he was on his way to see Gary at an appearance he was making. It was a great story... very strange but friggin hilarious. Kelly Monaco and Darrell Hammond also visited the show today.

There was a lot of other stuff going on today so here's what you can read about at today...

  • Artie's Weekend Discussed. 09/12/05
  • Hurricane Korina? 09/12/05
  • Richard Christy Stories. 09/12/05
  • Fred The Elephant Boy Soils Himself. 09/12/05
  • Earthquake Comedy Clips. 09/12/05
  • Kelly Monaco Visits. 09/12/05
  • Tyra Banks Audio Clips. 09/12/05
  • Comedian Darrell Hammond Visits. 09/12/05
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Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday's Show - Actor Day

There were a bunch of actors who called in and visited the show today. Michael Rappaport, Tom Sizemore and Elijah Wood were all on either the phone or in person. It was a very busy show. Howard went commercial free for a good hour from 7:25 to 8:30 or so.

Here's the other friggin stuff you can read about on today...
  • Howard's Busy Day. 09/09/05
  • Richard Christy Stories. 09/09/05
  • Star Trek Discussions. 09/09/05
  • Studio Bar, Upcoming Guests And More. 09/09/05
  • Bubba The Love Sponge Working For Howard Stern? 09/09/05
  • Actor Michael Rappaport Calls In. 09/09/05
  • More On SIRIUS. 09/09/05
  • Actor Tom Sizemore Calls In. 09/09/05
  • Wet Dreams. 09/09/05
  • Beth O And Leslie Talk Pet Adoption. 09/09/05
  • Elijah Wood Visits. 09/09/05
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 09/09/05
  • Gary's Final Boston Appearance Discussed. 09/09/05
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday's Show - Wack Pack Family Feud

Howard had in the families of Daniel Carver and Wendy the Retard to play a game of Wack Pack Family Feud today. There was a lot of hate and a lot of stupidity in the room... and that wasn't counting Wendy's family. Mark Harris dropped by at the end of the game and had Daniel and his son Daniel Jr. talking about their hate for gay people.

Here's the other stuff you can read about on today...
  • Artie's Conan Appearance. 09/08/05
  • Rush's ''Nager'' Slip Up. 09/08/05
  • Preparing For The New In Demand Cable Show. 09/08/05
  • Is Trump Jewish? 09/08/05
  • Various Audio Clips. 09/08/05
  • Phone Calls And More. 09/08/05
  • Wack Pack Family Feud. 09/08/05
  • Mark Harris Visits. 09/08/05
  • Jerry Lewis Telethon Audio Clips. 09/08/05
  • Saving Pets And Richard Simmons Audio Clips. 09/08/05
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday's Show - The Fab Faux

The band The Fab Faux appeared on Howard's show this morning and blew everyone away with their recreations of three Beatles songs. I was never a big Beatles fan but, holy crap, these guys were friggin amazing... and we were only hearing what was going on in the studio. Howard said that they were doing all kinds of stuff during the song to create the subtle nuances that you hear in the song and that was very entertaining as well.

Anyway, here's the rest of what you can read about on today...

  • Howard's Ambian Headache. 09/07/05
  • Hurricane Katrina Discussions. 09/07/05
  • Remembering Bob Denver. 09/07/05
  • Various Stuff. 09/07/05
  • Congressman Jose Serrano Calls In. 09/07/05
  • Phone Calls And Other Stuff. 09/07/05
  • Richard Christy Gets Laid. 09/07/05
  • The Fab Faux Perform Live. 09/07/05
  • Howard's SIRIUS Channel - Douche 100? 09/07/05
  • Ralph Returns From His Stay With Sam Simon. 09/07/05
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday's Show - Howard's Back

Howard and the guys are back from their vacation. That means I have to get back into my routine for typing up the show. I'm out of practice from the past week and a half of not doing my usual thing. It takes a few minutes to remember all of the crap I do every morning.

Here's what you can read about today on

  • Howard Returns After Labor Day Vacation. 09/06/05
  • Hurricane Katrina Coverage. 09/06/05
  • Howard At Scores And Other Stuff. 09/06/05
  • Governor Schwarzenegger Calls In? 09/06/05
  • Check Your Guns At The Front Door... 09/06/05
  • Howard's Thoughts On WBZX And The FCC. 09/06/05
  • Beth O Saving Animals. 09/06/05
  • Celebrities On Hurricane Relief. 09/06/05
  • Sixx Fails To Crash MTV VMAs. 09/06/05
  • More On WBZX. 09/06/05
  • 50 Cent Visits. 09/06/05
  • Artie's Trip To Cape Cod. 09/06/05
  • Sal And Gary Get High In Amsterdam. 09/06/05

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Best Of Stern.

Howard and the guys should be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, they played another day of reruns on Labor Day.

Here's what you can read about at today...

  • The Best Of Stern. 09/05/05
  • Howard Stern's Backside Boys song parody ''The Gay Way.''
  • Mr. Skin's Top 100 Nude Scenes.
  • Win Fred's Money.
  • Richard And Jodi Brodsky Tell Their Love Story.
  • Howard plays Mike Tyson tape.
  • Porn Star ''Weakest Dink'' Game.
  • KC Screws Up Again.
  • Benjy's Stink Discussed.
  • Former Wife Beater Charles Lee Calls In.
  • ''Scott From The Block'' song parody.
  • Staind performing ''The Beetlejuice Song'' live in Howard's studio.
  • AC/DC and Artie Lange performing ''You Shook Me All Night Long'' live.
  • Willie Nelson and Jeff the Drunk performing ''Always On My Mind'' live.
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Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday's Best Of Stern

One week of reruns down, one day to go. Howard and the guys are scheduled to return next Tuesday from their Labor Day holiday. Hopefully Infinity Broadcasting doesn't cave into the FCC nonsense and lets them return to the air.

Here's what you can read about today on

  • The Best Of Stern. 09/02/05
  • ''H&R Black'' Commercial Parody.
  • Miss Howard Stern Comes In.
  • Jaime Pressly Comes In.
  • Howard interviews George Takei.
  • Jerky Boys Selling Cars prank phone call.
  • Carson Daly Comes In.
  • Sharon And Jack Osbourne Come In.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

WBZX Columbus OH, Drops Stern Show

Stern Show affiliate WBZX, 99.7 The Blitz, has dropped The Howard Stern Show effective September 1, 2005. You can listen to their explanation on the WBZX web site. They basically say that they've decided to drop the show due to the latest FCC investigation into some indecency complaints, four to be exact. This may just be the beginning of the end for Howard's affiliate stations since it seems as though they may all be investigated over these complaints.

Howard Stern is on vacation this week and scheduled to return on Tuesday, September 6th, but who knows if that will even happen at this point. Stay friggin tuned. I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride through the end of this year.

Thursday's Best Of Stern.

It's the fourth day of reruns and I'm getting depressed not hearing new shows. I sure hope they make back on air next week and the FCC doesn't hand down the Notice of Apparent Liability before then... We'll see.

Here's what they played on today's Best of Stern. You can read the details on

  • The Best Of Stern. 09/01/05
  • Jerky Boys prank phone call.
  • Tim Allen Comes In.
  • Jim Carrey promotes ''The Mask.''
  • Rapper 50 Cent Comes In.
  • Michael From Men With Open Arms Day Care.
  • Sal The Stockbroker's Odd Request.

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