Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Best Of Stern.

Howard and the guys should be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, they played another day of reruns on Labor Day.

Here's what you can read about at today...

  • The Best Of Stern. 09/05/05
  • Howard Stern's Backside Boys song parody ''The Gay Way.''
  • Mr. Skin's Top 100 Nude Scenes.
  • Win Fred's Money.
  • Richard And Jodi Brodsky Tell Their Love Story.
  • Howard plays Mike Tyson tape.
  • Porn Star ''Weakest Dink'' Game.
  • KC Screws Up Again.
  • Benjy's Stink Discussed.
  • Former Wife Beater Charles Lee Calls In.
  • ''Scott From The Block'' song parody.
  • Staind performing ''The Beetlejuice Song'' live in Howard's studio.
  • AC/DC and Artie Lange performing ''You Shook Me All Night Long'' live.
  • Willie Nelson and Jeff the Drunk performing ''Always On My Mind'' live.
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