Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday's Howard Stern Show

Howard was in live this morning. They did an Evaluators segment and had Seth Green in for that. Howie Mandel also stopped by to talk about his new game show 'Deal or No Deal.' You can read about that and a lot more on today...
  • Various Bits Replayed. 6:00am
  • Howard's E-mail. 6:10am
  • Phone Calls And Film Festival Discussions. 6:25am
  • What Would You Do For A $20,000 TV? 6:40am
  • Crying Basketball Player Discussions. 7:15am
  • Lisa G's Howard 100 News Preview. 7:25am
  • The Evaluators - Seth Green, Ralph And Mark The Bagger. 7:40am
  • News Stories And Other Various Discussions. 8:35am
  • Richard Christy's Mystery Noise. 8:55am
  • Howie Mandel Visits. 9:00am
  • The Mike Walker Gossip Game. 9:50am
  • Stuttering John Article Discussions. 10:15am
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