Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday's Howard Stern Show

Bobby Badfingers gave Howard a snapping demonstration. Tristan Taormino came in and talked about anal with Howard. There were a bunch of other things going on as well. Read them all at today...
  • Twisting Howard's Words. 6:00am
  • Michelle The Lesbian Calls In. 6:20am
  • Crazy Cabbie Update. 6:50am
  • Coming Up... 7:05am
  • Streaming Howard's Show Update. 7:15am
  • Katie Couric's Big Mistake. 7:20am
  • Hot Jewish Chick Discussion. 7:25am
  • Celebrity Relationship Discussions. 7:30am
  • More On Katie Couric's Announcement. 7:45am
  • Lisa G's Howard 100 News Preview. 7:50am
  • Bobby Badfingers Visits. 8:05am
  • Kids Choice Awards Discussed. 8:35am
  • Riley Martin Meets The Shrink. 8:50am
  • Tristan Taormino Talks Anal. 9:20am
  • Has Howard Hit The Wall At 52? 10:15am
  • Mystery Sounds, News And Wrap-Up Show Previews. 10:40am
The site was up and running correctly as of about 11:20am