Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Thursday's Howard Stern Show

Read full details about Wednesday's Howard Stern Show and Wrap Up Show at or Here's what I covered today:

  • Dick Vitale Crying Clips. 12/07/11. 6:00am
  • Herman Kane Stopping By... Sort Of. 12/07/11. 6:05am
  • Howard Finally Realizes How Annoying Ralph Is. 12/07/11. 6:10am
  • Rosie O'Donnell Engagement Discussion. 12/07/11. 6:25am
  • Howard Reads Some Email, Plays Some Song Parodies And More. 12/07/11. 6:35am
  • ''Herman Kane'' Visits. 12/07/11. 7:05am
  • Jon Leiberman's Howard 100 News Preview With Guest Herman Kane. 12/07/11. 7:10am
  • More With ''Herman Kane.'' 12/07/11. 7:50am
  • Rude Jude Vs. Floyd Mayweather. 12/07/11. 8:05am
  • Howard Digs Rachel Maddow. 12/07/11. 8:15am
  • An Eric The Midget Update. 12/07/11. 8:25am
  • Tabloid Stories And Some Phone Calls. 12/07/11. 8:35am
  • Alec Baldwin Kicked Off A Flight, Robin Reveals Her Own Meltdown. 12/07/11. 8:55am
  • Robin's News. 12/07/11. 9:20am
  • Wrap Up Show - Herman Kane, Sal's Emotions And A Break. 12/07/11. 10:25am
  • Wrap Up Show - Sal's Love For KISS. 12/07/11. 10:35am
  • Wrap Up Show - Howard Vs. Ralph. 12/07/11. 10:50am

The site was updated and running correctly as of about 10:25am. Wrap Up Show update around 11:00am.