Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tuesday's Howard Stern Show

Read full details about Tuesday's Howard Stern Show and Wrap Up Show at MarksFriggin.com or SternSuperFan.com. Here's what I covered today:
  • Birthday Show Ticket Game And Eric The Actor Opera. 12/03/13. 6:00am
  • Bobo's Catheter Experience. 12/03/13. 6:40am
  • Wack Pack Clip Of The Week And More. 12/03/13. 7:00am
  • Sal Embraces His Turtle Past Life. 12/03/13. 7:05am
  • Howard Takes A Call. 12/03/13. 7:10am
  • Paul Walker's Death And Other News Stories Discussed. 12/03/13. 7:25am
  • Eric The Actor Discussions. 12/03/13. 7:45am
  • Audio Clips, News Stories And More. 12/03/13. 7:50am
  • Inanimate Object Lovers. 12/03/13. 8:20am
  • Howard's Alternate Camp Life. 12/03/13. 8:40am
  • Jeff The Drunk, King Of All Blacks And Some Email. 12/03/13. 8:55am
  • Howard Upset With Robin Over Her Lack Of A Calendar. 12/03/13. 9:15am
  • Robin's News. 12/03/13. 9:25am
  • Wrap Up Show - Fred's Bag And Phil Collins. 12/03/13. 10:20am
  • Wrap Up Show - Sal Sick And Howard's Car Shopping. 12/03/13. 10:40am
  • Wrap Up Show - Howard's Camp Experience. 12/03/13. 10:50am
The site was updated and running correctly as of about 10:15am. Wrap Up Show update around 11:05am.