Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday's Howard Stern Show

Read full details about Monday's Howard Stern Show and Wrap Up Show at or Here's what I covered today:
  • Baba Booeys At The PGA Tournament. 06/22/15. 7:00am
  • Smoking Discussions With A Caller. 06/22/15. 7:10am
  • Brian Williams Interview Discussions. 06/22/15. 7:20am
  • Howard Creeped Out By Sour Shoes. 06/22/15. 7:45am
  • Staff Member Kids Talk About What Annoys Them. 06/22/15. 8:00am
  • Howard Takes Some Calls. 06/22/15. 8:15am
  • Underdog Lady Excited About The Magna Carta. 06/22/15. 8:40am
  • Seth MacFarlane Visits. 06/22/15. 8:55am
  • Top 5 Songs, Jeff The Drunk And His Lump. 06/22/15. 10:10am
  • Robin's News. 06/22/15. 10:25am
  • Wrap Up Show - Michael Kelly Sits In. 06/22/15. 11:15am
  • Wrap Up Show - House Of Cards And More. 06/22/15. 11:25am
  • Wrap Up Show - Howard's Job Offers And History Lessons. 06/22/15. 11:40am
The site was updated and running correctly as of about 11:15am. Wrap Up Show update around Noon.