Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday's Howard Stern Show

Read full details about Wednesday's Howard Stern Show at or Here's what I covered today:
  • TV Show And Vocal Fry Discussions. 01/18/17. 7:00am
  • Football And Phone Calls. 01/18/17. 7:20am
  • Beth Irritated By Howard? 01/18/17. 7:45am
  • Phony Arnold Schwarzenegger Clips Call In. 01/18/17. 7:50am
  • Amazon Echo, Phony Phone Calls And More. 01/18/17. 7:55am
  • Presidential Pardons And Ronnie's Masturbation. 01/18/17. 8:10am
  • Ruby And Mick The Nerd At Wizard World Comic-Con Clips. 01/18/17. 8:25am
  • Big Foot's Birthday And More. 01/18/17. 8:50am
  • Music, Fat Ass And Kurt Busch Wedding Discussions. 01/18/17. 9:00am
  • Underdog Lady's Thoughts On Michael Keaton. 01/18/17. 9:40am
  • Howard Plays Some News And ESPN-U Clips. 01/18/17. 9:50am
  • Sal's Out Of Body Experience. 01/18/17. 10:00am
  • Robin's News. 01/18/17. 10:15am
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