Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday's Howard Stern Show

Read full details about Tuesday's Howard Stern Show at MarksFriggin.com or SternSuperFan.com. Here's what I covered today:
  • Howard Stops Taking Baby Aspirin. 06/13/17. 7:00am
  • FOX News Musical. 06/13/17. 7:10am
  • America's Got Talent And Nick Cannon. 06/13/17. 7:15am
  • Scott The Engineer Yelling At Himself? 06/13/17. 7:45am
  • Tommy From Malden Banned. 06/13/17. 8:05am
  • Sal's Crazy Family Life. 06/13/17. 8:15am
  • Jim Carrey Calls In. 06/13/17. 8:50am
  • Remembering The Founder Of WorldStarHipHop.com. 06/13/17. 10:00am
  • Robin's News. 06/13/17. 10:15am
The site was updated and running correctly as of about 11:20am.