Friday, September 29, 2006

The Friday Show

Howard was off this Friday so we had another Friday Show. Read about it at
  • The Friday Show - Classic Willie Nelson Performance. 6:00am
  • Howie Mandel Replay. 6:15am
  • This Week On The Sybian. 6:20am
  • The Bee Gees Classic In Studio Performance. 6:25am
  • More Musical Performances. 6:45am
  • Eric The Midget And More Classic Clips. 6:50am
  • Howard 100 News Preview. 7:10am
  • The Classic Stamos / Stern Topless Story. 7:15am
  • Hodeo Contestant Alicia Calls In. 8:00am
  • Master Tape Theater Preview. 8:15am
  • The Best Of Fred. 8:30am
  • KC Armstrong Calls In. 8:35am
  • George Takei Clips And More. 8:45am
  • Crazy Guest Classic Clips And More. 9:20am
  • Classic Gilbert Gottfried And Ralph Tries To Interview Jessica Biel. 9:55am
  • Sal And Richard's Rejected Bit. 10:15am
  • Friday Show Wrap Up. 10:30am
The site was updated and running correctly as of about 10:40am.